501 – Steve got even prettier

Just watched the epi and was delighted by the funnies and good looking aussie. As usual my posts are 99,9% about the pretty and funny and hottie McG 😀

Since I already posted the therapy scene previously, I will just skip it this time (if you missed it, look here.)

Let´s start, this is what caught my eye on first watch, also a pressie for the near-sighted fans 😉   Enjoy!

 Mr Cameraman testing his new McZoom. It´s working very well 😉


Never disappointed in scenes with Jerry, bringing the McDerp faces 🙂

A bit of extra s€xappeal with the black gloves

Oh what a face, thankful for the longer hair finally on Steve/Alex!

We got a glimpse of his glorious thighs and legs! Yummy!

 Awwww, he wants to go home. I will be waiting there to kiss his boo-boo better…



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14 responses to “501 – Steve got even prettier

  1. colleen

    Finally!!! I missed Alex so much over the last few months. Even though the story was a little weird I loved how our man looked. The longer hair, fit body, clothes every thing was perfect. Thank you for these pictures Paula. I knew you would do something wonderful.

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  2. Marnov Fucup

    I love your McZoom, Paula :-p So s3xy…


  3. how many ladies thought that if he needed any help to put new dressing on the boo boo, that they would help him, want to see with a raise of your hand!! Just so we could touch that thigh


  4. Sonja

    There walks no sexier man on earth than Alex!
    I’d give him a helping hand where ever he’d need it …
    I’m so happy the loooong waiting is over and I have my weekly Alex fix again!!
    Thanx Paula for those awesome and sexy Steve goodies!! Love them!!


  5. I adored this episode, it was a totally outrageous story line but I loved how the got Alex in just the right light… and yeah he looks better with the longer hair.. thanks paula for these photos your website rocks 😀


    • Thanks 😀
      I think this episode had lots of people in it, still it didn´t feel so crowded it would have bothered me.
      For a moment thought even WoFat would make an appearance, like he usually does in season premiers 😀
      Though now wondering how long till shirtless McG….it better happen within next 2 episodes or I will throw a tantrum!


      • “Though now wondering how long till shirtless McG….it better happen within next 2 episodes or I will throw a tantrum!”
        I couldn’t agree more, I need a new screen saver!

        I thought this episode was very good. Finally, getting back to what I love about 50. Over the top action and character arcs. Last year had its moments but overall was not that great. I am liking the whole team back and everyone getting a story. I think it is going to be a very fun and good year.


  6. That hitch when he turns is just so adorable. And McDerp face – come on. Perfect jewels Paula.


  7. this episode was perfection, and that hair is just yumm, loving it longer and fluffed at the front 😀


  8. Thank you Paula!…….the zoom to his ass and the family jewels on the wheelchair are priceless……….how I missed you Steve! …..from your head to your toes


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