The Steve McGarrett Story – No #58

We continue our story from here

Steve 09


Steve 29

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 311 –

Kahu (Guardian)

To be continued here


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7 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #58

  1. Oh I loved this episode! One of the best opening scenes ever! The ‘Talk to my hand-scene’.
    “It takes one to know one”, said Cath at the end. So true and so fitting for McG on so many occasions! Makes me think about his understanding for Grover’s situation in S4.


  2. Epic romance novel scene in this epi too. Steve in tux carrying his lady off in his arms 😀
    And I love to watch Steve munching like a hamster 🙂


  3. Girls, you’re so epic, I can’t believe how diligently you’re keeping up with this project! Kudos, FOYeur and Paula, and thanks for this ❤


  4. buttercup4u

    This ep showed so much about the intimacy steve and cath share. She trusts him with her life (car jacker!!), she takes her time when he’s up to sth (boy’s story), she knows him through and through (takes one to know one)!! And last but not least his look at her in 6-4 says it all, and the casually thrown arm over her shoulder, frkn awesome! It’s really a shame show messed it all up 😉 !!

    I still hope for the better.


  5. I still can’t explain how a relationship so realistic and honest as Steve and Cath were, had an illogical ending. These episode was full of magical moments for me, Steve the boyfriend, the partner, the man in love…….I’m so sad tonight Steve went home injured and lonely 😦
    BTW, congratulations Paula and Foyeur, at this point you have already the doctor degree in AOL science 😉


  6. hehe I loved this bit, that poor guy definitely picked the wrong dude to carjack! 😀


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