Pic for the day – Officer´s look

“In person, I thought, this guy’s an action hero. He shouldn’t be playing anything but the guy who carries a gun, saves people and solves crimes. All this physical, heroic stuff that we needed for our McGarrett – that’s Al.” — Peter M. Lenkov, Executive Producer, “Hawaii Five-0″, in Emmy, 2011




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8 responses to “Pic for the day – Officer´s look

  1. Sandra

    No disrespect to Peter, but I think many of his fans know Alex is capable of so much more than this as an actor. He is awesome when it comes to emotional scenes and love scenes. It saddened me when Peter said this because it frankly undermines Alex’s extensive acting skills just to push his own show. I find that inexcusable. Alex is so much more than your average procedural actor. JMO


    • I see your point, but it could be read as a compliment too. Not every actor can pull off playing a hero. Alex is so good in so many different roles. I of course also hope he gets to show more of his skills than being Steve McG.
      There´s not enough of non-procedural stuff on H50 for him IMO.


  2. buttercup4u

    I agree with you all, “Alex is much more”!
    But for Steve McGarrett – he is just perfect, in every way, in every manner, in every scene! I love him as Steve.
    I also think an actor needs this special gene, to play this kind of tough person, to make it real to the audience!


  3. I compliment Alex O’Loughlin in everything that he does. This is just honing his skills. He’s perfect in any role that he had and will be great in more in the future. Keep up the good work, Alex. ❤ ❤


  4. lindae5o

    As an actor, Alex has the ability to be Everyman. For now, I’m happy to see Alex each week, though I have tons of issues with HF-0, but I want him to stretch his acting muscles with better material.


  5. Gina Green

    I think there is a fairly good mix of emotional, tough guy and comical stuff in the show. Alex is a superb actor. Soooooooooo talented and extremely gorgeous xxx


  6. I see it as a compliment, Peter knows what he has in Alex, he’s a clever man.


  7. Thank God Alex could give a soul to the robocot prototype………agree that He is much more……muuuuuuch more


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