It´s almost time for new McSqueals

Can you believe it? This awful long hiatus is over again. We had season 4 finale posted on May 10, it seemed like season 5 was hopelessly far away, but the months passed and we got to September finally. Yey! McDrought will be over! I would like to thank Alex for staying in shape and not letting himself go, and therefor still great to work on 😉

Our “Steve” is getting crispier but also seems to have longer hair and looking quite mouth watering. We welcome s5 McNoms with this tiny preview, credit to photoluluTV on IG.


Let season 5 begin!e528c-yaysmilesa-smiley



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9 responses to “It´s almost time for new McSqueals

  1. Oh yes, finally our show, and our fav man, are back 🙂


  2. The countdown is almost end, finally!


  3. alexnymph

    I will keep my throat lubricated with wine so I can SQEEEEEE at the top of my lungs–can’t wait! I’ll start when I get home from work tonight 🙂


  4. Although I wish they were a lighter color, I am reeeallly enjoying these pants! No sagging pockets. Would enjoy them even more a little tighter, but the FOY needs some wiggle room too. 😛
    I wish I could pretend to be excited about the story lines for season 5, but too often I am disappointed. Alex, however, NEVER disappoints, so he is my focus! ALWAYS!


  5. Ileana Gabriela

    Here is already Friday!:) I can’t wait to see what AOL will bring us in season 5! I missed him all summer long!:))


  6. buttercup4u

    I don’t like this black pants, they’re somehow thick, it looks like thick synthetic material, maybe because for protection for a stunt!!
    I really do hope we get some suprises with the pants!! I’ve seen some pics from 5.03 and he wears a baby-blue-polo, I’m excited for THAT 🙂

    I absolutely wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful summertime I’ve spent with you. It really is hard to believe that we all waited for 4 months and not 1day got by, where we didn’t get any pretty and some very good commentns! Thanks Paula and FOYeur, this site is wonderful!
    Well, here we already have Friday, yepeeeee!
    Here’s to Alex and Five0, and to you my fangirlie friends *Cheers – may the wardrobe and camera angle be our friends this season*!

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  7. Lee Ann

    Really enjoyed this first show. Everyone professional and not “cute/silly.” Seems each member has a “problem” lurking in the background and like seeing Danny’s daughter for a few seconds. That new doctor at the morgue – looks a LOT like Catherine!


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  9. squeeeee omg first ep was sooo good!

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