The Steve McGarrett Story – No #53 (#H50 Epi 3:06)

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Steve 13

I know this episode is not about Steve and his story at all, but it is my favourite Non-Steve episodes for the show. These countdown posts are not about reviews of the episodes, but about telling Steve’s story, but I want to do this one a bit differently by giving my thoughts on it……..

  • Firstly I love it when a real-life event, and one that affected the whole world like 9/11 did, can effectively be incorporated into a show. This one worked for me. And in all that, there was also a lot of other good stuff.
  • Secondly, Terrence Howard set the bar for how to play a gangster perfectly. None of the over the top antics. Just badass evilness.
  • Thirdly I think the whole episode was put together wonderfully. Even with the flashbacks, there is no confusion about what is happening.
  • And then the acting was very real. With both Scott and Alex, I felt like I was in the moment with Steve and Danny. Well done boys
  • Maybe the one who got it right with this episode was Director Sylvain White.

  This was my short review about this episode in my recap of Season 3 last year.

 I have not watched this episode without crying yet ….. although I know the story, it just catches me every time! It is interesting that one day can be so full of events that it can simultaneously be one of the best and one of the worst days in your life ……I have had a day like that in my life, and I think I understand a little bit of how Danny felt since that day in his life!

Danny  hearing that Rachael is pregnant, making a big drug bust, getting beaten, losing his partner in a terrible manner and in the end being saved by one of the most horrible man-made events in the history of the world! To hear that story made me understand Danny so much better – as he said, he feels like he is a person living on borrowed time.

The event which created so much pain in many lives, actually gave him a second chance and I think he feels a bit guilty about it as well. But since then, he also felt this terrible need to protect his daughter at all costs, because she was born in a world that robbed us from a lot of freedom that we took for granted up until that moment….

Once again our two friends stared death in the face together and the light banter and that soulful hug at the end, just made us love them even more ….. and once again I am crying while I type this!!

(Link to my short reviews of the Bromance episodes for Season 3 here )

Steve 25

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 306 –

I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past)

Story by : Peter M. Lenkov
Teleplay by : Ken Solarz

Broadcast: 12 November 2012

To be continued here



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5 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #53 (#H50 Epi 3:06)

  1. karen1228

    This was a favorite epi of mine. I’m a 9/11 survivor. I sobbed while watching it and cry w/every rewatch. Well done, powerful and strong performances by Alex, Scott, Terrance. And like Danny said, we are living on borrowed time so we need to make the best of it.


  2. Also one of my top episodes. I just love it when they are given some really great stuff to work with because they truly shine. I still cry watching it and I’ve seen this episode ALOT.


  3. colleen

    Beautiful post Foyeur! My dad is a fireman so this episode has always been special to me. Wonderful writing for both Alex and Scott. Thanks for this.


  4. This episode is one of my favorites of season 3. It was a good story and wonderfully played by Alex, Scott and guest stars. We all remember where we were that day and our feelings about that horrible event, will never be diminished or erased of our memories. They were great showing Danny’s best and worst day in his life.


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