The Steve McGarrett Story – No #51

We continue our story from here

Steve 17

Steve wakes up with sounds coming from downstairs. On inspection he and Catherine finds Doris in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She decided it is time to move in with Steve. No more running away from WoFat, for her. And of course while talking with her and before they could resolve anything, Steve gets a call to let him know about a new case and he needs to rush off.

(Yes, this is me complaining again about small things – Steve’s phone is conveniently right next to him in the dining room when it rings. Minutes before this, he woke up and rushed downstairs. Most people sleep with their phones with them, especially someone with his kind of job. Just as a small thing, I would have had Cath, who went upstairs just a few minutes earlier, bring down the phone for him to answer 😀 )

Danny: So what, she breaks into your house and just start cooking?

Steve: Yeah, pretty much.

Danny: That’s very strange. Although she is a McGarrett after all. Why’d she come back?

Steve: I don’t know Danny. She says she’s tired of running.

Danny: Now she’s tired of running, after all these years? What happened in the house with WoFat?

Steve: We didn’t get that far.

Danny: How could you not get that far? Steve, this is a man who’s been chasing her for 20 years. She’s got the shot to get him, she doesn’t take it. That doesn’t seem weird to you? ……. Oh silence. That’s good. Both of you. Apple doesn’t fall far from the three.

Steve sends Chin to his house to keep an eye on Doris. But of course she is not too happy about it. They go back to the office so that she can  confront Steve.

Steve: What do I have to do to get you to listen to reason?

Doris: If by reason you mean you’re gonna stop treating me like a child, then nothing. I’m all ears.

Steve: Mom.

Doris: No Steve seriously. What’s you long-term plan? Gonna drag me to work every day?

Steve: You got a better plan?

Doris: Yeah, my plan is to go home, alone, unpack and settle in, okay? I just want to live my life, all right. I just wanna…. I wanna find a place of my own and get on with things.

Steve: You think WoFat is just gonna let that happen?

Doris: You don’t even know if he’s still on the island. And I told you, I am done running.

Back at home, Doris search for something she obviously must have hidden in the house before she “died” 20 years ago. It is in the floor under a loose board, locked in a little safe. It is a microfilm – we know from later on, that it contains secret information from the past about a number of agents who worked with her.


Steve confronts Doris about her deliberately missing WoFat. She says they struggled for the gun and she just fired some random shots. Steve tells her  that he except her answer, but to Danny he admits that he doubt that any of it is true.

Steve 51

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode  304

Popilikia (Misfortune)

To be continued here


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5 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #51

  1. Just rewatched this ep yesterday. Maybe I am the only one (or one of very few) actually enjoying Doris and her scenes with her son 😛


    • Oh, I also do enjoy them. They kicked ass every time they came on.
      I was very much against his mother being Shelburne, but the two of them saved the whole idea for me. The writers and the two actors actually got me interested in her. BUT I am very sad that they took it all away in Season 4. Here was my review on mom for S3.


    • gracenotpark

      I also am a Doris fan…as I say, I love to hate her. I mean, she’s interesting and Christine is awesome creating her. But she’s clearly shady as hell, still keeping something from her boy, and I’m not buying that it’s to protect HIM. I think she’s just pathologically a spook and cannot help herself even when it has hurt her family. So, she’s a fascinating sorta anti-mom kinda mom. And I love that. Not all women art natural or happy mommies! And God KNOWS this show needs her, and several other women, back!


  2. I think if Danny wasn’t around to make Steve think and be almost like his inner voice, Steve would just go on blindly trusting in his mother because he wanted her back in his life and things back to normal, a normal relationship with her. He’s been so hurt by her 😦 Good thing Danny is there to poke and prod the hurt because she is not truthful with Steve in the slightest.


  3. Like you i love to hate Doris. I love to watch Steve driving crazy with this woman that was supposed to be a caring and protective mom, instead of a mysterious, cold person that acts in selfish way. Alex and Christine are terrific in their scenes. I only wished we had more.

    PS – The small details make a huge difference in what we think a more believable story (like your example with the phone). Women are need in the Writing Department too.


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