The Steve McGarrett Story – No #50

We continue our story from here

Today we hit the halfway mark of our count to 100………… that means in 50 days time, we will see the much anticipated Episode 100, that was filmed last week. Lots of talk about it…….but will it live up to the hype? 😕

Steve 02


Steve and Danny is doing some deep-sea fishing for the day.

Danny: Any word on your mother?

Steve: No, she’s still on the island somewhere.

Danny: Doing what?

Steve: I don’t know. I got lines out.

Danny: One of those lines Catherine?

Steve: Maybe.

Danny: Ha. That’s good. Your girlfriend checking up on your mother. That should turn out very well.

Steve: Okay, first of all, she’s not my girlfriend. And second of all, she’s not checking on my mother. She’s using her contacts in Naval Intel to locate my mother. Okay? Nobody is gonna know.

Danny: No, no, no, no. Your mother is a spy and a woman. She will know, trust me.

Steve: That’s a good point.

Danny: Let me ask you another question. What is it with Navy SEAL’s? They’re not allowed to have girlfriends? How would you characterise your relationship?

Steve: Well, I mean….. she’s ……. We have a thing.

Danny: A thing. Yes you have a thing.

Steve: Yeah.

Danny: It’s called a girlfriend. And who by the way, you’re asking to spy on your mother.

Steve: Not spy… Locate, Danny.

Danny: Okay.

Steve: Spy , locate, they’re different.

Danny: Do you have any idea where she’s at?

Steve: No idea at all. Doing everything I can to find her, but you know my mother was a highly trained spy for 20 years and she managed to stay hidden for that whole time, so she’s not gonna make it easy for us.

Danny: What about your sister?

Steve: I mean, I haven’t told her. What I’m I gonna say? I haven’t told her.

Danny: Wow. That should be an interesting conversation.

(Just some criticism on the dialogue here – According to what Doris said to Steve, she was a highly trained spy before he was born. He was born about 36 years ago, and that would make her a spy for more than 40 years already. Depending on her age and when she became a spy, she was active for maybe 5 – 10 years before she was married. Then inactive for about 16 years while she was married to John and had Steve and Mary. Then she disappeared for 20 years, but was apparently not really working for the CIA anymore, because nobody knew she was still alive.

For me it just would have sounded better if Steve said: “My mother’s been a highly trained spy from a very young age (or for more than 40 years) and she also managed to stay hidden for 20 of those years.”)

While stranded at sea after their boat was stolen, Danny shares a story from his youth. As a young boy, his best friend drowned, while they were playing a game at sea. From there his dislike for the water and the sea….

 Steve 13

While on a stake-out Chin and Kono catches up with what is happening with the other.

Kono: Are you okay?

Chin: Yeah, I’m fine.

Kono: When you’re ready. I’ll come over and help with her things.

Chin: Thanks cuz. How are things with Adam?

Kono: Well, I haven’t seen him for a week. He’s on a business trip.

Chin: What sort of business?

Kono: He’s trying to legitimise his father’s business. That doesn’t happen overnight.

Chin: Is that what he’s telling you?

Kono: Adam’s a good guy, Chin.

Chin: Look, I know how you feel about him, and I know what he did for us, but his father is head of the Yakuza. It’s the family business. If things get ugly, you are a liability to him.

Kono: A liability? What are you talking about? Adam saved my life. He’s never gonna let  whatever you are talking about, happen.

Chin: It’s not Adam I’m worried about.

Steve 34


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 303 –

Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)

To be continued here


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6 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #50

  1. Besides the tacky green screen and the orange goo, I thought this episode was VERY visually pleasing. 🙂 I didn’t even mind the goofy hat. Wet Navy SEAL, sunburned and smudged with oil (minus the orange goo) …yummy!
    I too wish the writers would pay more attention to details that they themselves created in past episodes. I would assume this drives Alex a bit crazy, because he seems to be very detail oriented and character driven. I imagine he puts his”two cents” in now and then, if it bothers him that much.
    I love McDanno, but it gets forced too often. Also, Danny was written so whiney in this episode. After watching the deleted scene where Danny actually wants to help pull the dingy, I am even more perplexed as to why they chose to make him the “damsel in distress.” He is supposed to be a tough street cop from Jersey! His defense mechanism to being scared is to blame Steve for everything. I guess where I’m going with this is…a little goes a long way. It was just laid on too thick this episode at times. Unfortunately the writers have given this material to Scott to work with, so I don’t lay any blame on him. There being so many takes of each scene, and the fact that neither Alex or Scott watch the final product, do they know they are coming off the way they do? Do they care? Or is it asking too much from the team of writers to step it up on the character development? :/ Sorry about MY rant. 😳
    Alex was meatier in this episode and I loved it! I like him with big arms and thighs and don’t mind a little meat around the middle. More to hold on to and nibble on! 😛 Love his boyish smile right before he jumps out of the dingy.


    • gracenotpark

      Honey I agree with your rant, and with Foyeur’s little one as well. They need to pay attention to their own material! How hard is that? There should be some one writer whose job is to keep the darned book on all the characters!

      And Caroline, I agree it was terribly wrong to leave out that therapy scene! They laid all this groundwork for PTSD and then just dropped it. Such a bizarre choice. 😦


    • Yes, LuRx, although I understand why Alex do not want to watch himself on TV, I am kind of disappointed that he does not watch the show himself. I really feel they might bring diffirent stuff to their characters, if they ever saw what the final product looks like….
      So I agree with your rant, I think 😀
      BUT we will just keep on enjoying the pretty. 😛


  2. I agree about the deleted scene, would have been great to leave it in, but then it wouldn’t be Steve as the focal point would it? *sarcasm* There is another deleted scene that I have seen recently of Steve at group therapy, which was also cut. That annoyed me too because at the time the fans were commenting on the plot saying where is the fallout? Why has he coped so well with Freddie’s death? Leaving these scenes in would have shown Steve is not in control at all times and having feelings like everyone else. Maybe that’s why they took them out :/


  3. I’m sorry for my late comment, but we all agree that H50 not only have problems with script inconsistencies but also in editing the scenes. After all this time, i thought that PL knew that H50 fans prefer the character story development and don’t care about the crime of the week.


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