Pic for the day – Thank you MM

 “I see Alex as a kind of body-conscious, rowdy academe. He always looks like he’s been brawlin’ a bit or wouldn’t hesitate to get low with you.”

— Alfre Woodard, “Three Rivers” Co-Star, in InStyle, April 2011


Crediting @MyMaximus on twitter for posting the original Thank you MM for sharing your lovely gems with the rest of us AOL addicts love3

but as usual, wanted to add my own touch to it…for better or worse gah


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9 responses to “Pic for the day – Thank you MM

  1. maxisilverhammer

    Love and Blessings, Sue


  2. Sorry it has to be said….. He can get low with me anytime, and by low I mean horizontal 😉


  3. I am just TOAST!!!!! Hot and dripping with butter., Alex wearing glasses destroys me and this is exceptionally gorgeous A million thanks to MM and to Paula for posting. You made my day and probably a numbrt of nights as well. My husband is going yo get vrty lucky !!1


  4. gracenotpark

    Max is the best! So is Alex. 🙂
    Btw, I LOVE that description from Alfre Woodard. I have always loved her and I get so excited that she knows and loves our guy.


  5. Sylvie

    Don(t worry Paula you never do it worse. Anyway it’s not possibe to have something bad with this man


  6. Gail Lessard

    I love this pic! Alex is very sexy with the glasses. Love the look!


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