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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #48 (# H50 Epi 3:01)

We continue our story from here

Steve 18

Chin who rushed home to rescue Malia, find her wounded and dying. The paramedics arrive, but can’t save her. Adam arrives in a rubber boat somewhere at sea, just in time to dive down and rescue and revive Kono, who was drowning after she was thrown overboard.

Sorry I know this was a very sad and serious situation, but I could not help thinking when I watched it this time, that Chin should have gone shirtless like Adam did and then maybe that would have revived Malia as well, like Adam managed with Kono. – sorry I couldn’t help myself 😛

We can only imagine what goes through someone’s mind when you see your mother, who you presumed was dead for 20 years, after all this time. The turmoil of emotions, the mixture of joy and anger……….

Steve & Mom 2


Doris: I know you have a lot of questions Steve.

Steve: Yeah, why don’t we start with Shelburne.

Doris: Shelburne was the code name the agency gave me.

Steve: I’m sorry. Agency? What agency?


Steve & Mom 1


Doris: Before I met your father, I worked for an intelligence program that reported directly to the Pentagon.

Steve: You were a spy?

Doris: Yes.

Steve: So all those years that I thought you were a schoolteacher that was just ……..

Doris: It’s a cover

Steve: And were me and Mary just a cover too?


Steve 1


Doris: Shelburne was way before you and Mary.

Steve: How did you meet Wo Fat’s father?

Doris: He was an assignment.

Steve: So you were ordered to kill him?

Doris: It was a little more complicated than that.

Steve: Well we got some time, so why don’t you, why don’t you uncomplicate it?


Steve 5


Doris: Okay. Like you, I served my country. But after I got married, I left the agency because I wanted to be a mother. Unfortunately, I could change my name, but…… not my past.

Steve: That’s why you pretended to be dead?

Doris: When I made that choice, I knew my life would never be the same. I knew that I would have to give up the only thing that meant anything to me. My family.

Steve: So why did you do it Doris? If that’s even your real name.

Doris: It was the name I was born with, and that I went back to the day I met your father. And since when does a son call his mother by her first name?

Steve: Since she failed to be one 20 years ago.

Doris: I didn’t see any other options, Steve. Wo Fat was looking for the person who murdered his father and he was willing to kill anyone who stood in his way.

Steve: So you faked your own death?!


Steve 14


Doris: Yeah, I did what I had to do to protect my family.

Steve: Dad sent us away thinking he had to protect us. Then spent the next 20 years looking for your killer. All that  was for nothing.

Doris: If I told him the truth Wo Fat would have executed him.

Steve: Wo Fat executed him anyway!

Doris: You and Mary, you … God knows, you deserved better. I just didn’t know what else to do Steve. I … but never once did I spend a day not thinking about you.

Steve: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Doris: It’s the truth.

Steve: What am I supposed to do with that truth, huh? I just forgive you now, is that it? We move on?

Doris: No, I just ….. I just like you to understand. I like you to just ….. try to understand.

Steve: Pack a bag.

Doris: Pack? What do you mean? Where are we going?

Steve: We’re going home.


Every time I watch this scene, I am amazed at the subtle faces Alex displays in this short time, to show us Steve’s journey of emotions when he sees his mother and confront her with the pain she caused them.

Steve and Doris fly back to Hawaii and is met at the airport by Danny and half of HPD, bringing the bad news that Wo Fat escaped. And also giving the bad news about Malia’s death.

Steve 25

Just an observation, but Steve looks pretty rested for a man who just flew the 6600km (9 hour) flight to see his mother for the first time in 20 years and then fly that distance back again from Japan, all in one day. 😀

Steve calls Catherine, who is on leave to come and keep his mother company, while she is in a safe house guarded by SWAT.

Following the leads in the case, Chin and Kono figure out that Delano was the one who helped Wo Fat escape. What they don’t know is why? They follow Delano’s trail and realise that his whole plan of blowing up HPD, was to get access and rob it. There are millions worth of drugs in lock-up and Delano and his team, steals it.

The Five-0’s arrive just too late to stop them, but they catch up with them as they are held-up in traffic because of an accident. During the shoot-out that follows, Delano tries to get away, but Chin follows him. He catches up with Delano just as his ammo runs out, and Chin shoots and kills an “unarmed” Delano at close range.

Chin -

And suddenly the sun is setting and it seems that police no longer provide assistance to someone who is wounded, as poor old Toothpick is just left to die from Kono’s bullets. BUT he is still nice enough to tell them that Wo Fat is going after Shelburne ….. What a nice perp!

Steve calls Cath to tell her that Wo Fat is on his way to them. She takes Doris upstairs and gives her a gun. While Cath fights with one of Wo Fat’s men outside, he goes upstairs to find Doris and they meet face to face, each with a gun drawn on the other. Three shots are fired, but when Cath gets upstairs, Doris is okay and Wo Fat gone through the window…….

Steve sends Doris away again for her safety ……. her plane leaves just as Danny arrives to tell him that Doris fired 3 shots in the floor and not at Wo Fat and Steve can’t confront her about why she did not shoot to kill.

Steve and Danny wonder why Doris let Wo Fat get away and deliberately missed him.

For the life of me, I do not understand why none of them wonders why Wo Fat, who came after Shelburne and has been hunting the ‘ghost’ that killed his father for so many years, did not try to shoot Doris at all. That would have been my first question. It is not as if he has never killed before. 😀


Steve 37

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 301 –

La O Na Makuahine (Mother’s Day)

Broadcast:  24 Sept 2012

To be continued here


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