H50 S4 gagreel first Alex bits for good laughs

I couldn´t wait to get my copy, so downloaded what got out there and had to have a go at the funniest bits IMO 😀



And here´s the link to the youtube video without a siggy 😀 Credit Dana Scully


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22 responses to “H50 S4 gagreel first Alex bits for good laughs

  1. Last link doesn’t work


  2. OMG I’m in tears for the laughing 🙂
    They were always good but I think this year they outdid themselves with the bloopers!
    Thank you so much


  3. Ok, I, being the McPerv I am, will be the first to say it. If I had that between my legs, I’d be fondling it all the time too. :mrgreen: Love his potty mouth and the threesome talk in the car…don’t get me started. Too.Late! 😳
    I do enjoy the goofy side of him too. All sides of him really! I must take a cold shower before I embarrass myself even more with my confessions. 😛 Yeah, like I am not an “open book” by now.


  4. Chi is a hoot!! Didn’t think it was as funny as previous years but still had its moments. Now thats a threesome I’d pay to watch LOL


  5. guest

    loved it!!!!


  6. Thank you for these gifs. I love this goofy and naughty boy.


  7. Oh Man! Great Gag reel! The shot at the end startled me!


  8. Is there a URL to the YouTube video? I can’t pull it out to save to my playlist. I searched the title and dana but can’t find it.


  9. Colleen

    Haha!!! Alex is such a goof ball. I love hearing his real voice. I laughed at the part when Mary calls him Alex and he says my name is Steve. the whole cast is so funny. Thanks for this girls.


  10. I knew it! I just knew it! The moment I saw this gag reel I knew you would ‘gif’ the special moments! And man, there were a lot. The bow, the twerk, the grin, the nerd, THE GRAB, the double hitch, the gag-hug, the fake-menace, the man, the Alex! Can’t stop grinning here! Thx!
    Without Alex there would be no gag reel and together with Chi they rock this thing. Best gag reel of all seasons!


    • I did leave out some moments, cause want the hd quality vid to capture more. Also saved the goofy faces till later 🙂 I love these gagreels, but still think S1 had the best Alex.


  11. Sylvie

    They get on my nerves with their “bip”!!!
    Thanks Paula for sharing, I love this man his goofy face is priceless.


  12. Finally got good enough access to watch it yesterday. And damn Alex is the funniest guy ever. I didn’t thought he could get more funnier and he did. :’D And to *bip* with bip.


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