#H50 – Sunset On The Beach 2014

Been looking around for pics and videos, and the quality isn´t the best in many cases. As beautiful as sunsets are, it also seems to colour the people a bit orange. Videos are shaky and blurry.

Yikes, it sounds like I am moaning and yet I got my favorite,  black on black on Alex this time. Shame on me!

Anyway, made a compilation of the pics and moments I found best 😀

And here´s the handsome O`Loughlin giving us pretty to look at.


This was made from LLOL video http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/52651078

Thank you to every single person who posted pictures and videos of the event. At least it gives us all, who live so far away, a feeling of the excitement at the event.




by | September 14, 2014 · 19:26

19 responses to “#H50 – Sunset On The Beach 2014

  1. colleen

    He looks so handsome and happy! I’m with Paula he looks wonderful in all black. Thank for these awesome pictures.


  2. Trust Alex to wear MY favourite suit when i’m not there 😉
    Thank you for all pics and videos, it seemed a very happy celebration!


  3. Thought of you Paula, when I saw him in black on black, then my mind quickly went elsewhere. 😉 The man can wear suit like nobody else!! UNF!
    I think he would have shaken hands and taken pics all night if there wasn’t a time restraint. He looks so happy and in his element. We got to see all sides of him during the interviews. He and Malia looked lovely together. She is one lucky lady and her smile last night was refreshing. I would never stop smiling if he were mine. 😀


  4. Something I had to share with you all, because Ireally liked that moment at the red carpet. He was signing an autograph with a golden pen and said he was feeling golden, had a golden day, Lion had been good all day. He’s gorgeous and funny. Glad I caught a glimpse!!! And an autograph. Soon as I get back home I’ll share my pics with you (yup, blurry and from a distance, but hey we can’t have it all)


  5. I always LOVE him in black on black! 😀


  6. Sonja

    Thank you all so much for all those wonderful pics and vids.
    Alex’s all gorgeous in black and enjoyed what we can see the night. He looks happy and sounds so greatful that he’s got a hawai’ian keiki, a hawai’ian wahine and an hawai’ian name. He deserves all of this and more! He’s a great guy!!


  7. I loved it when he was saying hey dont crush him and lifted that wee boy over the fence, then said you can have him back I’ve got my own. LOL his humour is great. He was so engaged with the fans, taking time to talk and make jokes and vocalise his appreciation. He was quite chatty. I loved watching the live stream and seeing all the photos on twitter and instagram. Such a fantastic effort by everyone there and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those who shared their first hand meetings and photos. Was almost as good as being there. I was very excited sitting at home with my headphones on watching 😀 xx


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  9. gracenotpark

    Love this wrap up. You did a great job curating, Paula!

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  10. Thank You Paula , YOU ROCK !!!

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  11. Overdamoon

    Ditto. Thank you for putting together random and candid pics from everyone all over. I was glued to live feeds, Twitter, Instagram and blogs… I have one question… Pls no eggs… Were all the hair stylists on vacation yesterday or somethin’? What’s with Grace’s and Malia’s hairdos? 😛


  12. Sylvie

    The “shhhh” one is killing me.
    Thanks Paula

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  13. This is a great review of what we loved at the SOTB. As usual, i think the gifs are awesome, especially the “schhh” moment. Like you Paula, i love seeing him in that Dior suit, black on black and his socks game. He was the king of selfies, happy and grateful. I like to thank to all the people that shared with us, everything about what happened with our favorite H50 man at the SOTB.


  14. he look best sexy in black. black is his color.


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