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#H50 – Sunset On The Beach 2014

Been looking around for pics and videos, and the quality isn´t the best in many cases. As beautiful as sunsets are, it also seems to colour the people a bit orange. Videos are shaky and blurry.

Yikes, it sounds like I am moaning and yet I got my favorite,  black on black on Alex this time. Shame on me!

Anyway, made a compilation of the pics and moments I found best 😀

And here´s the handsome O`Loughlin giving us pretty to look at.


This was made from LLOL video http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/52651078

Thank you to every single person who posted pictures and videos of the event. At least it gives us all, who live so far away, a feeling of the excitement at the event.




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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #46

We continue our story from here

Amongst all the excitement of SOTB last night, we continue with our story and countdown to Episode 100 of Hawaii Five-0.

Steve 27

Before we start, I just want to have a bit of fun with the fact that Steve is wearing his kevlar with his name tag on, in a raid in Japan. Does he travel with it? His bag, when he boarded the flight, did not look big enough to me to include his kevlar as well. Or maybe he just carries the tag with him, in case of a raid. 😀


Somewhere in Osaka, Japan, WoFat is having some tea and expecting Steve at any moment now. 😀

Steve (to the Interpol Policemen): We’ve got Osaka police covering the perimeter, but our best bet is to take the target down on site. Make no mistake. He will be armed and he will do whatever it takes to avoid capture, even if that means using civilians for cover. Gentleman, I’ve been hunting this man for two years now. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that he would rather die, than to be taken alive. We’ve got one shot at this.


WoFat: I’ve been expecting you McGarrett


WoFat might be surrendering easily, but they find a gruesome sight in the bathroom ……. a bloody knife and poor Hiro Noshimuri’s blood splattered all over the place. It looks like a slaughter-house. 😥

Back in a hotel room in Hawaii, Kono looks very happy and it looks like she’s been a very busy ( lucky and naughty) girl……Is she sleeping with the enemy, or is Adam Noshimuri one of the good guys?

Steve finds the phone that WoFat was using – a large number of calls to somebody in Hawaii…. The team traces the phone and finds the body of a woman (Anna Douglas) with it. And it looks like she was a government agent, most probably CIA. Danny visits the local office of the CIA, but gets the run-around. Danny gets a text to meet somebody……

Danny: Hey. You the one who sent me the text?

CIA Agent: Yes

Danny: Oh, okay. Not exactly what I was expecting.

CIA Agent: Really? You want 007, you go to see a movie. You want information, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me, kid.

Danny: Okay, fair enough. Who are you, and what are you doing here?

CIA Agent: Let’s just say I’m a friend in the CIA.

Danny: A friend. Okay, that still doesn;t answer my questions.

CIA Agent: Only answer you’re gonna get. Now do you want information about WoFat and Agent Douglas or not?

Danny: Yes. So Anna Douglas was CIA?

CIA Agent: Yes. She was working with WoFat.

Danny: Working with WoFat? How?

CIA Agent: WoFat has a long history with the CIA

Danny: He does?

CIA Agent: Over the past 15 years, WoFat has negotiated arms deals between the US and certain organizations. Organizations that we’ve since disavowed.

Danny: That’s great. I mean, that’s amazing. The CIA is in bed with a murderous psychopath, whose body count includes the Governor of Hawaii.

CIA Agent: Hindsight is 20-20. You gotta understand. Foreign policy is a game of shifting alliances. Sometimes you get in bed with people you shouldn’t.

Danny: That’s good. So now what?

CIA Agent: He has information. People he could bring down are powerful. They’d rather him kept quiet. Agent Douglas was his handler inside the Agency.

Danny: Handler. What does that mean?

CIA Agent: It means she can make all the charges against him go away.

Danny: So what? She’s his get-out-of-jail-free card?

CIA Agent: Exactly.

Danny: Then why would he have her killed?

CIA Agent: He may not have killed her. He may have gotten her killed.

Danny: Meaning the wrong person found out that she was helping him out?

CIA Agent: Maybe. The only thing I’m certain, is that it is not just a coincidence that Agent Douglas wound up with a bullet in her head, the same day that WoFat was being extradited from Japan.

Danny: I agree. Listen if this thing is going down, I need to know when and where that plane is landing.

Max retrieves the bullet that killed Anna and there is some gold bits on it. Chin and Kono learn from an expert that the Yakuza uses that kind of guns, that will leave gold marks on bullets. Chin thinks that WoFat contracted the Yakuza to shoot Anna and that Adam wants to score points with him in that way, on behalf of Hiro. They confront Adam about it while his attorney Lansing is also with them. Adam tells Chin and Kono that his father is dead. They do not believe him, but suspect that Ted Lansing, whose shoulder is injured, had something to do with Anna’s death (Good gut feeling and observation Chin) .

Steve and WoFat are flying in from Japan, but it becomes apparent that there are some undercover baddies on the flight trying to bring it down, when Steve realises that they start to descend to soon. Firing guns on planes is not good though. The plane crashes and Steve and WoFat are the only survivors.

Steve sees a helicopter land, and he thinks it is some of WoFat’s people who is coming to set him free. But they start shooting at WoFat and Steve.

Steve: What was that?

WoFat: Those men are Yakuza. And they’re not here to save me. They’re here to kill me.

Steve: You could have told me the part of them wanting you dead a little earlier.

WoFat: You wouldn’t have believed me.

Steve: Yeah well, I do now. What’d you do to piss off the Yakuza anyway?

WoFat: I killed Hiro Noshimuri.

Steve: Well that would do it.

As it turns out WoFat not only killed Hiro, he also cut him into pieces and sent 5 boxes with different body parts to Adam. Adam and his men want to take revenge.

Of course Steve manages to shoot and kill all the Yakuza men who came to get them and he and WoFat fly on to Honolulu with the helicopter they came with. Adam tracks the helicopter’s GPS, Kono and Chin tracks Adam’s cellphone. Danny who was kidnapped by the CIA and warned that Anna Douglas’s murder investigation is over, gets help and info from his CIA informant of where the helicopter will land.

Adam and the Yakuza arrive first and tell Steve to hand WoFat to them, but then Five-0 crashes in and forces the Yakuza to surrender. Ted Landing (Adam’s lawyer) seems to be the baddie who killed agent Douglas and when he sees all is lost, he pulls a gun on Adam, but Kono shoots him in time to save Adam.

HPD takes WoFat and Adam into custody and the Five-0 Team is reunited!

Steve: Come here.

Kono: You don’t write. You don’t call.

Steve: [Laughs]

Kono: We missed you

Steve: It’s good to be home.

As you might have guessed by the number of pictures I have here of the Steve/Kono hug – this is by far my favourite hug ever on the show. That relieve and gorgeous smile on Steve/Alex’s  face is just priceless!

Chin: It’s good to have you back.


Steve & Danny

  • The CIA agent tells Danny of WoFat working with “The Company” for more than 15 years, negotiating arms deals, but Jenna told Steve that 10 years ago, she was the one putting a face to the name of WoFat. Is it a case of the right hand (in the CIA) does not know what the left hand is doing?
  • I still struggle to know why WoFat bothered to send Hiro’s body parts to Adam. Was he just sending a gruesome message? But to what end?
  • I still do not know why WoFat expected Steve in Japan and surrendered to him so easily – did he need a free flight to Hawaii or what? 😀 There is no real reason for me of why he wanted to be arrested and brought back to Hawaii. 😕

Steve 45

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 222 –

Ua Hopu (Caught)

To be continued here


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