The Steve McGarrett Story – No #45

We continue our story from here

Before we continue with Steve’s story, I want share this quote that I found 2 years ago when I needed to fill the gap for this episode without Alex. To me it was appropriate words to describe Alex (and maybe even Steve):

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Let us continue with Steve’s story……..

McGarrett Home

Chin: Danny?

Danny: Hey. Thanks for coming.

Chin: How’d you get in?

Danny: I had a key from when I was crashing here

Chin: You know you can look at that stuff all night and not be any closer to figuring it out.

Danny: Well I think I may have figured out where he went.

Chin: Never seen this. Shelburne.

Danny: That is definitely not his handwriting

Chin: No, it’s his father’s. All right, so what? You’re going off to Japan too?

Danny: No, I’m not going off to Japan, okay. I’m gonna stay here and I’m gonna do my job, all right? Because leaving and not telling anybody where I’m going, is not my style.

Chin: Yeah. I know.

Danny: This guy, he leaves me a note, saying he’s going after Shelburne. Disappears fo a week, and he doesn’t call. He doesn’t say, “I’m alive”. He doesn’t say, “Everything’s okay”.

Chin: Steve believes Shelburne is the answer to a lot of questions, including why his father was murdered.

Danny: Yeah, but his father’s dead. And finding Shelburne is not gonna chance that. I promise you that.

To me it sounds like Danny do not really understand what makes Steve tick. He  is a man who we realise later on, will put himself (and his lover)  in harm’s way, just to return the remains of a brother close to his heart, back to his family to bury. A dear friend whose body he had to leave behind enemy lines. He is a man who needs closure and answers and is focused on finding the truth, even if the truth hurts.

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 221 –

Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death)

To be continued here


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5 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #45

  1. gracenotpark

    I’ve never watched this ep, so the wee convo about McG was interesting to read. I agree with you, Danno does not really get McG. Half his rants about McG are way off the mark. I think OTOH, McG does get Danno. McG is all about the humanity in a situation. Besides his awesome physical and mental skills, he is way more sentient, introspective, and perceptive than most folks, and Danno, for all his belief in his own mammal to mammal skills, really has no clue about this in his friend. Yet McG seems to enjoy Danno anyway. Sometimes the little dude is a strain on my own last nerve, however. 😉

    Thanks for getting us thru the H50 Dark Ages. I love your quote and the fact you focused your visuals on the recent Walk and Alex’s happy and purposeful work there.


  2. Danny doesn’t get who Steve is, who he really is. And now, 2 years later, nothing changed. And he never even tries to understand him. For Danny Steve is a guy who does not know people, only knows how to kill people. You don’t say something like this… never! One of many reasons I really don’t like Danny. Steve’s the one with mammal to mammal skills.
    So, I have never watched this episode and I never will.
    But I love with what ‘elegance’ and humanity you brought us through these last S2 episodes! Your Kübler-Ross quote is perfect. And true!
    Beautiful people don’t just happen, that’s wonderful. And true – for Steve and Alex too!


  3. I love the quote. It fits perfectly in Alex and Steve.

    I agree with you that Danny doesn’t really understand his friend. He cares but not enough to get deep closer to Steve’s feelings and issues. It another failure of writing.

    I watched this episode but it was very odd, because the central piece or the heart of H50 wasn’t there.

    The pics of Alex and the ALS patient are awesome. Alex face and his gestures to Mr. Izon made me a proud fan.

    Thank you for making this post with a wonderful quote and pics and remind us why we love and admire this man so much.


  4. I think Danny does get Steve, He understands him better than Steve gets himself sometimes. Danny is always there for him. Danny’s ranting comes from a place of hurt. He missed Steve, he fears for his safety because he cares. It’s Danny’s way of expressing it. After his failed marriage and subsequent failed relationships talking about his feelings is hard for him. Steve gets that. i.e the building collapse where Danny tells him how much he hates him. Steve knows that’s not true, he’s always known, even from the start, “That’s not true you love me” And Danny does.


  5. On another note, I love that quote. It does describe Alex very well! 😀


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