The Steve McGarrett Story – No #43

We continue our story from here

Steve 4

Surprise, surprise, Mary is in town – more than a year after Steve put her on a plane to the mainland, after she was kidnapped. She’s got a new job as flight attendant and she might be around more often.

Danny: I didn’t know your sister was in town.

Steve: Neither did I.

Mary: Hi, I’ve been looking for you two for over an hour.  You weren’t at home, so I figured I’d  check your favourite little surf spot. So here I am. Surprise.

Steve: What are you doing here, Mary?

Mary: What does it look like I am doing here?

Steve: It looks like you are going to a Halloween party dressed as a flight attendant.

Mary: Come on seriously.

Steve: You’re working for the airlines?

Mary: Yes. It’s the coolest job ever. I started like two weeks ago. And they gave me the Oahu-to-New York run. I’ll be flying back and forth , like twice a week. And we can hang out during my layovers. How sweet is that.

Steve: So a stewardess. How exactly did that happen.

Mary: Well, my friend, Angela worked for the airlines, and she knew I needed a job, so here I am. And by the way , we like to be called flight attendants.

Steve & Mary 3

Myers: Commander McGarrett

Steve: Thanks for your call.

Myers: Not a problem. Earlier today we got a tip on one of the unrecorded lines that a stewardess was planning on smuggling some contraband onto a New York-bound flight.

Steve: All right. This is crazy. Mary is not a smuggler. Are you sure you have the right person?

Myers: Commander McGarrett, your sister had about $20 million worth of diamonds duct taped to her torso. So, yeah. I think we got the right person.

Danny: Did she say why she had the diamonds?

Myers: No, she refused to talk to us. That’s why we called you. She won’t talk to anyone else.

Steve 09

Steve: What the hell happened?

Mary: I went straight to my hotel when I left you guys. And there was a man in my room with a gun.

Steve: Okay. Have you ever seen this guy before?

Mary: No. Don’t think so.

Steve:  You don’t think so.

Mary: I know so. I’ve never seen him before. You believe me, right?

Steve: Of course I believe you, Mary. Just slow down and tell me how you got away from this guy. And how you ended up with these diamonds.

Mary: I didn’t get away. He taped the diamonds to me and he told me that Angela’s dead if I don’t do exactly what he said.

Steve: Okay. Who’s Angela?

Mary: I told you about her, didn’t I?

Steve: I don’t know, maybe. Just tell me again.

Mary: We work together as fight attendants. We came from New York together.

Steve: Okay, so she was your friend before this?

Mary: Yes, we met at yoga class, like three months ago. She’s really like the only real friend that I have. She helped me get this job.

The team try to work on a plan to use the Governor’s plane to fly the diamonds to New York and set a trap for the smugglers. But the police evidence transport truck gets run off the road, two officers killed in the accident and the diamonds stolen. Captain Fryer and the team have to work together to try and solve the mystery.

In the end it turns out that the guy who stole the diamonds from the police truck, is Darryl Kaleo, brother of the ex-cop Kaleo who killed Danny’s previous partner. Because he was an ex-cop Kaleo is in the protective custody wing of the prison, but after being involved with the death of two more cops, Danny and Capt. Fryer make sure that he will be serving the rest of his time in general population, amongst some of the guys he himself put there.

It also turned out that Darryl was married to Angela (Mary’s friend), and that they planned the theft of  the diamonds and to fool the smugglers with the whole set-up of Mary getting caught and of stealing the diamonds from the police…….

Steve 17

The team celebrate Steve’s 35th birthday 🙂

Steve's cake


Steve 16

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 219 –

Kalele (Faith)

To be continued here



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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #43

  1. buttercup4u

    I love Steve and Mary, Steve tends to get desperate with his sister being around, kinda helpless, ’cause he doesn’t know what to do with her! He loves her, but he doesn’t agree on the way she “lives” – do you get what I was trying to say 😉 it’s difficult to explain!


    • buttercup4u

      If you look at #4 you can see that he doesn’t really believe in her ambitions being a flight attendant, he already sees the trouble 😉 !
      And in #6 he gets angry/helpless, because he is angry with himself for not stopping her getting into that mess! And of course, angry at her, because she is … well …. she is Mary and she is just so cool 😆 !!!(Because maybe she has that incredible good-looking brother!!!!)


  2. colleen

    The grenade cake is one of my favorite moments. It was sweet to see the team care about surprising him on his birthday. I always enjoy when Mary comes for a visit. She makes Mcgarretts life unpredictable. Great post. Thanks, Foyeur!


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