The Steve McGarrett Story – No #41

We continued our story from here


After only one week away with Cath on the Enterprise for his Navy reserve drill, Steve returns to find his house in chaos. The whole house is covered in smoke, a dog is sleeping in his bed and the living room was hit by tornado Danny……..

I sometimes wonder why the writers/producers did not use this ‘natural’ exit for a Navy reserve drill at the end of Episode 116, to give Alex the time to recover in rehab. Was it his own stubbornness to continue, the writers incompetence to rewrite a few episodes to accommodate it, March madness or Special Guests that were already booked for the upcoming episodes, that caused the delay? All I can say – it is painful to watch!

 BUT as I said a few days ago in comments, it is all water under the bridge and sad history, with at least a positive outcome in the end.


Steve 1

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 217 –

Kupale (Defender)

To be continued here


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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #41

  1. I think they did a great job. Another bromance episode of Steve and Danny disagreeing. It just adds to their funny friendship.


  2. colleen

    I started watching the re run episodes on TNT about a year ago and they were in the middle of season two. I didn’t know anything about Alex yet but watching these now is strange. He still did a good job but you can see the light in his eyes was gone. I am so glad he got better. Thanks for these great posts Foyeur. They always make my day.


  3. buttercup4u

    Good questions you have, FOYeur, but we know the writers sometimes don’t know where there going 😉 !!
    I liked this ep, especially the bromance, and the end with Steve shooting the baddie while things got messy in the mess 😉 ! He didn’t hesitate at the right moment (I love his head gesture!!) and the woman got safed, I love his leadership and always-in-charge-reaction (I’m lacking this 😉 maybe that’s why this kind of things stand out to me!!) Thanks FOYeur!


  4. I find these episodes painful to watch because of how unwell he looks but I do love this episode. Wish there was more of this.


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