#AlexOLoughlin – Making charity fun and involving the kids from early on.

Any illness can be hard on a family, but one with no cure or treatment, even worse.

You can hear from what Alex said during his radio talk and with his speech at the walk, that ALS had a great impact on his in-laws.

I speak from personal experience of how it affects the caregivers and the family, while seeing a loved one suffer, helpless and deteriorating daily. It rips your heart out and it affects you even after that person passed.

You also feel like you lost part of your own life during that time of their suffering. And for me even the recovery afterwards, is filled with tears and memories of the good times as well as the bad times……

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(Thank you to Addicted to Alex for the wonderful find)

Part of the therapy for families after they lost that loved one, might come from involving themselves in helping others who may be suffering from what they have gone through. It seems like that it is something that the late Vi Jones-Medusky’s family (Alex’s in-laws) is doing. They want to help the people in their community to ease the suffering, by being involved with the ALS cause in Hawaii.

Even from that Radio interview and the speech, we could also hear, how seeing his own mother helping those who can’t help themselves made an impact on Alex as a young boy.

For me it is therefore wonderful to see how they involve their own boys with charity events. The whole family participating and having fun to raise money and awareness for a desperate cause.

Link to the transcript from the radio talk:

Helping hands ……. “My mother’s loving touch” #WalkToDefeatALS

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It is clear from what Alex said,  that most of the money raised through this Walk, goes directly into providing a better live for the ALS sufferers in Hawaii.

Although everybody would like a cure, the immediate needs of the sufferers are always foremost. Physical care is hard, but without money and equipment to do it, it is even worse!

A big THANK YOU to everybody who participated in giving through donation towards the #WalkToDefeatALS !!



We are proud to see the names of our Alex-friends and also visitors from here on the blog, on the lists of those who gave.



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12 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Making charity fun and involving the kids from early on.

  1. Manu

    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    It is so evident how much Alex cares for others in all he says and even in the pictures we can see from the walk!


    • The hugs and kisses he is giving the partners of those who suffer from the illness is so sweet and geniune. And his smiles and laughter looks very real and from the heart.
      And it looks like he is really where he wants to be – amongst his family and community, having fun while giving – far away from the Hollywood glamour!


      • I couldn’t write better than you in this matter. I subscribe your post and comment. It’s very hard to see our loved ones suffer and after done everything to help them until the end, we always question ourselves what we could do better or different. Take care of , respecting and honoring their wishes and then help others with similar problems is the best we can do.
        Alex is leading by example, for his family and fans. What matters in your life is what you can make a difference in other people life.

        TY Foyeur!


      • Dear FOYeur You are so right and think and speak from the heart . Your words about suffering touched me deeply. It is the saddest and hardest part of “The Circle of Life” that we all have to handle. I have a cousin whose beloved husband of a lifetime {They married at 18 !!} is close to the end from Cancer. My first True love died of ALS. My son’s wjfe’s Father has just been diagnosed with Parkinsons. It is in a beautiful line from MOONLIGHT. }it is what makes us human and like YOU and ALEX and others the only thing we can do is simply LOVE and REACH OUT.
        Thank you for your beautiful thoughts


  2. WOW! Just WOW! He is a wonderful and generous man!


  3. You are absolutely right with every single word you said FOYeur! Physical care is such a hard thing for everybody on so many levels. And because it’s not only the physical aspect but the mental and emotional aspect too. It goes hand in hand, even for ‘professionals’ like Alex’s mother and for those, who are suffering from an illness.
    To have literally nobody who is able to help, to leave your loved ones to get professional help because there is nothing like that in Hawaii is a horrible thing on top of everything.
    Alex’s mother was a great role model as he is now for his kids. And for us fans btw!
    His outside beauty is intensified by his inside beauty.


  4. He is truly amazing and so generous with his time, but I guess when you are the type of person like Alex is, making a difference because of your own experiences, it comes naturally to him. ♥


  5. Thank you for your poignant words FOYeur. As you know, I lost my mother to ovarian cancer and my father is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. He has become so debilitated these last few years, that my sister and I struggle with wanting to respect his wishes to stay in his home, and providing him with the best care possible. She is a physician and I am a pharmacist, so we have an advantage over those caregivers who have no medical back ground. Not sure we’d know what to do or if we could manage otherwise.
    Alex looks so at peace and happy to be sharing his love with his family and the Hawaiian community. His mother must be beaming with pride!
    Alex has embraced the island and made it his home, and Hawaii has been truly blessed because of it. ❤


  6. I havn’t had any of my family members pass as of yet and I am
    So thankful I still have my parents my brother and sisters. I do what to say is I have been in the medical feild for 28yrs. I have seen my share of death of the patient I have been so blessed to have taken care of along with their families. I’ve cried with them held them to comfort them to the best of my ability. I’ve actually taken care of a pt yrs ago with ALS. I only hope with all my heart that they find a cure for this tarable disease. I’m also very
    happy that Alex is so caring and his mother instilled in him what
    she has in her. Thank you Alex for all you have done for these beautiful people.


  7. How much more amazing can he get? I am so proud of being a fan of Alex. I’m so sorry to hear about your own experience FOYeur. ❤


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