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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #40

We continue our story from here

Steve 05

The Five-0 team attend the Governor’s charity event.

Steve: Look, I know this isn’t what you had planned for your 48-hour leave, Cath

Cath: Would I rather be drinking beers at Haleiwa Joe’s right now? Sure. Look, I get it. I get it. You can’t turn down the Governor when he invites you as his special guest.

Steve: Especially when the plates are $5000 a pop and he bought the whole table.

Cath: Ooh

Steve: Yeah. That being said, you look beautiful in your dress tonight.

Cath: Thank you. Don’t get used to it. Cause the second this is over, these heels are coming off.

Steve: I was hoping you were gonna say that.

Steve & Cath 6

Needless to say, there was a murder in the hotel and the evening becomes a case………and a lot of stuff goes wrong.

Steve injured

Governor: What the hell happened out there, Weston?

Lori: I’m sorry sir. It’s um…. it’s my fault

Governor: I don’t want apologies. I want explanations. I specifically told you to keep me informed of every step of this investigation. Instead my head of security is getting third-hand information form HPD.

Lori: Sir we had just cause. The suspect was fleeing. Time was of the essence. We had to make a call.

Governor: The call you should have made was to me. In case you forgot Weston, I assigned you  to this task force to prevent exactly this kind of disaster.

Lori: Yes sir.

Governor: When this is all over, you’re gonna have to make a choice. The state of Hawaii or Five-0

Lori & The Gov

Lori: The second thing in that envelope is my letter of resignation.

Steve: The Governor

Lori: Yeah. He gave me a choice. He asked me whose side I was on, the state of Hawaii’s or Five-0’s. I said both. He said, “Wrong answer”.

Steve: You can have this back, okay. Because I don’t accept your registration. And I’m gonna talk to the Governor and I’m gonna straighten this whole thing out.

Lori: No, Steve. It’s okay. He’s right. He’s got a point. I mean the Governor put me on the team to be his eyes and ears. He said there’d be repercussions if we cross the line, which we did. Repeatedly.

Steve: I’m really sorry. This is my fault, Lori and…

Lori: No, if anything, it’s my fault. Honestly, I……I let things slide because, uh…….Because of my feelings for you. And the rest of the team of course, but, um…. I let a lot of things slide.

Cath is packing her bag and there is a knock on the door.

Cath: So what’s with the bag and the uniform?

Steve: I felt bad that our weekend got blown up by a case and I figured since I was due for my reserve drill, I’d put in a request to do it on the Enterprise.

Cath: Really?

Steve: Yeah, with you.

Steve 06

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 216 –

I Helu Pu (The Reckoning)

To be continued here


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#AlexOLoughlin – Making charity fun and involving the kids from early on.

Any illness can be hard on a family, but one with no cure or treatment, even worse.

You can hear from what Alex said during his radio talk and with his speech at the walk, that ALS had a great impact on his in-laws.

I speak from personal experience of how it affects the caregivers and the family, while seeing a loved one suffer, helpless and deteriorating daily. It rips your heart out and it affects you even after that person passed.

You also feel like you lost part of your own life during that time of their suffering. And for me even the recovery afterwards, is filled with tears and memories of the good times as well as the bad times……

Click on this link for Tina Mahina Photography:

(Thank you to Addicted to Alex for the wonderful find)

Part of the therapy for families after they lost that loved one, might come from involving themselves in helping others who may be suffering from what they have gone through. It seems like that it is something that the late Vi Jones-Medusky’s family (Alex’s in-laws) is doing. They want to help the people in their community to ease the suffering, by being involved with the ALS cause in Hawaii.

Even from that Radio interview and the speech, we could also hear, how seeing his own mother helping those who can’t help themselves made an impact on Alex as a young boy.

For me it is therefore wonderful to see how they involve their own boys with charity events. The whole family participating and having fun to raise money and awareness for a desperate cause.

Link to the transcript from the radio talk:

Helping hands ……. “My mother’s loving touch” #WalkToDefeatALS

Click on link for all pictures from Star Advertiser:

It is clear from what Alex said,  that most of the money raised through this Walk, goes directly into providing a better live for the ALS sufferers in Hawaii.

Although everybody would like a cure, the immediate needs of the sufferers are always foremost. Physical care is hard, but without money and equipment to do it, it is even worse!

A big THANK YOU to everybody who participated in giving through donation towards the #WalkToDefeatALS !!



We are proud to see the names of our Alex-friends and also visitors from here on the blog, on the lists of those who gave.


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