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#AlexOLoughlin Picture For Today – Mick’s Beauty

“Mick is the loneliest man in the world. Even though he’s surrounded by people, he’s isolated and cut off from his own humanity.

Mentally, he’s one of the most damaged characters I have ever played. He’s not in a lot of physical jeopardy, but emotionally, he’s a wreck. I try to reach inside of him and find the humanity at his heart.”

– Alex O’Loughlin

CBS Watch

April 2008



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #39

We continue our story from here

Steve 03

Steve McGarrett – An Officer and a PERFECT Gentleman

Danny’s ex-partner from Jersey is in town. Because of his corruption, Danny was the prosecution’s star witness and had to testify against him. He was put away for 10 years. He is out and he wants to take revenge on Danny, by destroying his loved ones. He kidnaps Grace and forces Danny to shoot and kill Stan.

The team catches up with them just as Danny shoots Stan in the shoulder, to pretend as if he is killing him. The Team arrests Rick and Danny shoots him in the leg and forces him to tell them where he is keeping Grace hostage.

Steve 12

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 215 –

Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (Out of the Past)

To be continued here


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