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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #36

We continue our story from here

Steve 06

Joe: I am telling you son. I have run the name Shelburne through all my contacts, NSA, Interpol, FBI, CIA, DOD, every other acronym  you can think of and I’ve come up with exactly zero. Shelburne is a ghost.

Steve: Yeah, well, this ghost has got WoFat spooked, okay? If we want to catch the son of a bitch, finding Shelburne is our way to do it.

Adam: My name is Adam Noshimuri. You may remember my father Hiro Noshimuri. He was kidnapped at gunpoint by Joe White, a friend of your late father’s I believe.

Steve: What do you want from me?

Adam: I want you to arrange a sit-down with Mr White. I wanna know where my father is.

Steve: I’ll ask.

Adam: I’m just a son looking for his father. You of all people should understand that. But I can’t promise I’ll be patient. And should we find Joe White before you do, we may not be so polite.

Joe opens the door for Steve, with a gun in his hand.

Steve: Who’re you expecting Joe?

Joe: Can’t be too careful.

Steve: You know Adam Noshimuri’s looking for his father.

Joe: Hiro was alive when I left him.

Steve: You sure about that?

Joe: Who knows, maybe WoFat found him.

Steve: This is serious, Joe. Hiro is the head of the Yakuza, okay? And the last time anybody saw him, you had your gun pointed at his face.

Joe: I had one chance before WoFat got to him, and I took it.

Steve: Yeah well, for your sake, I hope he’s okay, Joe. Okay? Because Adam Noshimuri is not gonna stop until he finds his father. You get that?

Joe: I’ll keep that in mind.

Steve: You’ll keep that in mind.

Joe: Something else?

Steve: Something else. Yeah. What’s going on?

Joe: You’ll have to be more specific, son.

Steve: Do you know who Shelburne is, Joe?

Joe: Ask me another question.

Steve: Do you or do you not know who Shelburne is?

Joe: I’m not gonna answer that. Your father sent you away, I promised to look after you. And that’s a promise I intend to keep.

Steve: Oh, yeah? By lying to me?

Joe: No, by containing this Shelburne thing, before you get caught up in it.

Steve: Just be careful.

Joe: Always am.

Steve leaves, after he also took Joe’s passport from his bag.


Steve [to himself]: What are you doing in Japan, Joe?

Chin and Malia get married.

Chin & Malia

After the ceremony, Steve follows Joe down to the beach.

Joe: I know you took my passport.

[Steve hands it back to Joe]

Steve: What are you doing in Japan? You know what Joe, you might as well tell me, because I’m not gonna give up. I’m not gonna stop asking.

Joe: I was hoping you wouldn’t say that

Steve 15

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 212 –

Alaheo Pauʻole (Gone Forever)

To be continued here


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Yabba Dabba Doo! Brief Video of #H50 S5 Photoshoot.

I am loving that sexy loose fitting white shirt on Alex 😀

Link to Video:

Was about to go to bed when this video emerged and just had to take some pics.



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