The Steve McGarrett Story – No #35

We continue our story from here

Steve 17

Steve meets Joe after his hearing.

Steve: Okay, you’re smiling. That’s never good. What did they decide?

Joe: The Navy has given me a chance to pursue my dreams. [Laughs]

Steve: No Joe. No, no.

Joe: I have always wanted to open a bar.

Steve: Okay, they can not force you out.

Joe: Well, call it an opportunity for early retirement, with full benefits.

Steve: You know what? I’m gonna talk to the Board of Inquiry.

Joe: No. Forget it. It’s over son. I spent half my life serving my country, and I’m proud of it. No regrets.

Steve: This is my fault Joe.

Joe: No, my actions are my responsibility

On the way out, after talking to an inmate in prison, Steve runs into Joe.

Steve: What are you doing here?

Joe: Recon.

Steve: What are you talking about recon? I thought you were gonna open a bar, embrace your retirement.

Joe: WoFat lured you to Korea, killed one of your people, just to find out what you know about Shelburne. And the clock is ticking Steve.

Steve: What’s that got to do with you being at Halawa today?

Joe: We gotta find Shelburne before WoFat does. And I figured the only way for me to do that, is to talk to the people closest to him.

Steve: Who did you come here to see?

Joe: Hiro Noshimuri.

Hiro and Adam Noshimuri leave the prosecuting attorney’s office

Hiro: Everything will be fine. Go back to New York. You have a business to run.

Adam: Extradition to Japan. Is that really what you want?

Hiro: Yes, I’ll be saver there.

Adam: Safe from what? You don’t have to run.

Hiro: I’m afraid I do.

Adam: Who is it? Who’s making you do this? Yakuza?

Hiro: It’s unimportant. Look, I made a promise, not to make my business yours. Now I need you to promise me the same.

The lift opens up and an armed Joe forces Hiro to get onto it with him.

Some pretty…. 😀

Steve receives a text message from Joe to meet him urgently.

Steve: You okay? Your text said it was urgent.

Joe: Something you need to hear.

[Opens up the car truck, and Hiro is tied up and gagged in it.]

Steve: What the hell are you doing, Joe? You’re supposed to call me when you found him.

Joe: Well, you were a little busy. And we need to know what WoFat knows about Shelburne. [Rips duct tape from Hiro’s mouth] Tell him what you told me.

Hiro: All this time McGarrett, you’ve been asking the wrong questions.

Steve: What’s he talking about?

Joe: Shelburne is not a thing or a place. It’s a person. And WoFat is very close to finding him.

Steve: Who? Who is Shelburne?

Hiro: I don’t know. He’s just someone that WoFat fears. And WoFat fears no one. For that reason, he won’t rest until Shelburne is dead.

[Joe close the boot]

Steve: What, do you believe him?

Joe: I do.

Steve: Where are you going Joe?

Joe: Going to find Shelburne.

Joe drives off and dials someone on his phone.

Joe: It’s me. We got a problem. Steve is getting too close. We’re gonna have to move you.


Why does Joe call Steve to inform him about Shelburne, just to say, a few minutes later that Steve is getting to close? How is Steve getting close, other than him, Joe, telling him stuff? 😕 It does not make sense to me.

And right here, the character of Joe loses me. Up until this point I thought he was as much in the dark as Steve and really searching for answers. Not knowing what exactly John McGarrett was working on, not knowing who Shelburne is and also not yet knowing that Doris faked her death.

I presume that he is speaking to Doris here – did he know from the start where she was or did he stumble across it during his search for answers?

If he knew from the start that Doris was Shelburne, why expose her name to Steve. Why ask WoFat about Shelburne, if he knew the answer? And by asking it, getting Mokoto killed and Steve tortured?

Steve 29

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 211 –

Pahele (Trap)

To be continued here



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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #35

  1. Agreed. I’ve never trusted Joe and I still think he’s hiding things from Steve. You would assume he’s known all along that Shelly was Steve’s mother but why have Hiro tell Steve that Shelly was a person? Was he just pre empting because he knew Steve would eventually find out and wonder why he hadn’t figured it out before him.


  2. buttercup4u

    It makes no sense to me neither!
    It looks like the writers didn’t know where to go to. We all know it turns out that Shelbourne is Steve’s Mom – so what. Joe lied to Steve again about Shelbourne later in the season. I can’t see any connection btw Shelbourne/Noshirmuri! Did I miss something 😉


  3. Thank you Foyeur for pointing out the incoherence of the plot about Joe White. It was from this moment that the writers mess up with a character that was interesting to watch.


  4. gracenotpark

    Yes…I think Lenkov was trying so hard to drag his story out, it just got thinner and thinner til it fell apart, quite frankly. The “answers” we will supposedly get in ep 100 don’t really interest me, because which questions will they even address? I don’t see how they reconcile contradictory material, so I predict they’ll ignore some of it and answer only parts of it, making a good portion of the audience mad and almost all of us “meh”. 😆


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