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Pic for the day – Hard to say “Sorry”

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.




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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #34

We continue our story from here

McG 12

Chin seems to be a man, very sure of himself. 😀 He does not even ask Malia again to marry him, he just takes the ring from her neck and transfer it to her finger.

Steve is meeting Jenna.

Steve: Good to see you back on the island, Jenna. Your e-mail said it was important. What’s up?

Jenna: I have a favour to ask you. It’s really big.

Steve: Is this about your fiancé?

Jenna: Ever since I heard that Josh might be alive in Southeast Asia, I’ve been pounding the pavement back in DC. After three months of analysing classified intel and trading favours, I found him. Josh is alive.

Steve: Are you kidding me? That’s great news Jenna. That’s incredible. Do you know where he is?

Jenna: North Korea. A small rebel faction is holding Josh hostage near the border. They got ahold of him after the CIA op went bad. The one I messed up.

Steve: Okay. Have you taken it to the agency?

Jenna: Yeah. They can’t lift a finger. They have to disavow any and all knowledge of his existence.

Steve: SOP for this kind of job behind enemy lines, covert op. What do these rebels want?

Jenna: They are willing to exchange Josh for 250 000, US currency. That’s where I come in.

Steve: You’re…..wait a minute. You’re seriously considering going through with this?

Jenna: If I don’t Josh is dead.

Steve: Jenna.

Jenna: Don’t you understand? I have no other options but to pay them.

Steve: Where is this deal going down?

Jenna: Their turf. Small town about 20 miles south of Kaesong. I can’t go alone, Steve. I need somebody there to watch my back. I need you.

Of course not one word of what Jenna is saying here is true. It is all just part of the trap for Steve.

Following the leads in the case of the journalist who was murdered, Chin and Kono fly to Maui to try and find Jane Woodley. She was one of the last people to see Bethany alive.

Chin: According to our suspect your tenant, Jane Woodley had a visitor a couple of days ago. Was it this the woman?

Kimo: Yeah, that’s her. Jane wasn’t to happy about it either.

Chin: Kimo we need to find Jane. Did she leave any forwarding information? Maybe a credit card to hold her place?

Kimo: I copied down her driver’s licence for the file. Here it is.


Kono: That’s Jenna Kaye.

Chin: And this woman was here for how long?

Kimo: Three months at least.

Kono: What the hell?

Chin: Wasn’t Jenna supposed to be in DC these last 3 months?

Kono: Yeah, McGarrett said she was trying to find her fiancé. Apparently she’s not trying very hard.

Chin: If she lied to McGarret about that, what else is she lying about?

Meanwhile, Steve and Jenna are on their way in North Korea to meet with the “rebels” who are supposedly holding Josh hostage.

Steve immediately sees that the hostage under the hood can’t be Josh. A gunfight between Steve on the “rebels” break out and while Steve is hiding behind a tree, Jenna pulls a gun on him. Before he even knows what is happening, WoFat knocks him down.

Steve: How long has she been working for you? That story she told me about her fiancé, is it true? Huh?

The team needs to deal with the fact that they can’t reach Steve on his satellite phone and it seems that Jenna deceived them all……

Danny: No, something is wrong. Something is wrong, otherwise why would Jenna lie to us?

Kono: My question is, did Jenna have anything to do with Bethany Morris’ murder?

Lori: Any word from Steve?

Danny: No, nothing.

Lori:  Okay, look, there’s got to be a number of logical explanations to why he’s not answering.

Danny: There’s nothing logical about this. We just found out that someone we worked with, someone that we trusted has been lying to us for months. And now, might have something to do with our murder.


Danny tracks down Joe, to ask him for help.

Danny: Listen Joe, I need to know everything about a CIA-Special Forces joint operation called Switchback.

Joe: What’s so important about this op?

Danny: I have no idea, but a woman was murdered over it. Someone we used to work with, might be involved now, Jenna Kaye.

Joe: Why don’t you ask her about it?

Danny: Yeah I would, but I can’t because she’s with Steve in North Korea.

Joe: What?

Danny: I think he’s in trouble, Joe.

When Jenna realises that WoFat did not keep his word and that Josh is dead, she calls Danny for help.

Danny: Hey, hey. It’s Jenna. Get a trace up right now. Hey Jenna, it’s Danny. Where are you?

Jenna: Danny, I’m sorry. I screwed up. I’m so sorry.

Danny: It’s okay, it’s okay. Just tell me, where’s Steve?

Jenna: It’s WoFat. It’s WoFat, Danny. He has him, and I led Steve right to him.

Danny: Is he alive?

Jenna: We’re south of Kaesong. A town called…

Danny: A town called what? You broke up. Say again. Jenna, I can’t hear you. Where’s Steve?

Jenna realises that WoFat’s men is coming closer and she locks the door to the room, throw the satellite phone out of the window. And starts to scratch around in the flesh around her dead fiancé’s knee. Pulling from his knee, a pin which she hides under her watch strap …… (she later tells Steve that Josh got pins in his knee, after being in an accident the night he proposed to her)

With no help from the military or the Governor, Joe puts together a “mission” for the team to South Korea as a cover to get them to North Korea.

Chin: So what happens when we hit the ground Seoul?

Joe: We’re on our own. I’m going to need your badges and ID’s. The minute this plane leaves the ground, we’re just a couple of civilians. That means no military supplies, fire support of friendlies in the area. If the mission is compromised, we go on escape and evade. And in the unlikely event that we pull this off, we could be charged with espionage and face federal prosecution and prison time, for what we are about to do. That is of course if any of us make it back. So if anyone wants to back out, now is the time. No shame in it. Go with God and wish us luck.

Joe's speech

Joe: All right, that settles it then. We come back with Steve, or we don’t come back.

A car pulls up and Wade and a few other men get out of it.

Wade: All right, who’s ready to kick ass and take names? Got room for a few members of SEAL Team Nine on this, uh, what are you calling it?

Joe: Humanitarian mission.

Wade: Right, that’s what I thought. Load it up ladies.

Danny: I thought we weren’t going to have any military back-up.

Wade: Last I checked, we owed Commander McGarrett and Five-0 a favour. Something about a little mid-air rescue, as I recall.

Joe: Welcome aboard.

So the team take the 7323km, 9 hour flight to Seoul….. 😀

Rescue team

After Jenna got to see the body of Josh, the men capture her as well and ties her up in the same sell as Steve, where he has been hanging on his arms for hours now, being tortured by WoFat.

Steve: Why?

Jenna: I had no choice.

Steve: We let you in. We treated you as one of our own. We trusted you. I came down here. I didn’t ask one question.

Jenna: WoFat told me Josh was still alive.

Steve: You just took him for his word?

Jenna: He showed me his ring. He had pictures. But more than anything I needed to believe it. I would have done anything to save him.

Steve: So you decided to trade him for me?

Jenna: Yes.

Steve: So where is he Kaye?


WoFat again tries to get some information from Steve, and he is not asking nicely 😥

WoFat: Tell me about Shelburne.

Steve: I don’t know what the hell Shelburne is.

WoFat: Your father spent a great deal of time investigating the meaning of Shelburne. I can’t imagine he didn’t share any of his findings with you

Steve: You’re wasting your time.

WoFat: What about Joe White? What did he tell you?

Steve: Joe White….. Joe White doesn’t know anything about Shelburne, okay.

WoFat: You’re lying

Steve: What is so important about Shelburne, anyway? Why do you care?

You don’t have any idea what Shelburne is do you?

One of WoFat’s men appear holding the satellite phone and while they were talking, Jenna slides the pin towards Steve’s feet.

Jenna: It wasn’t for nothing.

WoFat returns and to Steve’s horror, shoots Jenna.

WoFat tells Steve that they will fly out in one hour and that Steve will have to take him to Shelburne. Steve uses the pin to escape.

But to no avail – WoFat surprises and captures him again outside and they leave in a convoy of trucks.

In the mean time, the team hooked up with Frank, an old war vet and friend of Joe’s who still lives in South Korea. He flies them into North Korea with his helicopter called Tangerine (Tangerine – In about 2 years time Tangerine is killed by a flock of birds)

They find the bunker after WoFat left with Steve. They realise that they can’t be far, because Jenna’s body is still warm. On the road they ambush the convoy, killing all of WoFat’s men, but he himself escapes.

As they fly off, all cheerful and happy (and relieved), Chin tells them that he is getting married.

Steve 28

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 210 –

Kiʻilua (Deceiver)

To be continued here.


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