The Steve McGarrett Story – No #33

We continue our story from here

Steve 142

There is still no new development in Steve’s story ………. and that means you will have to look at some of the pretty again. All of them are handpicked. 😀




This was really well done for me – Kono taking the shot and saving the girl and Steve appreciating her once more. Please remember this, because I will refer back to it during Season 4.

The two boys storming out the door to get a closer look at Lori dressed as Sandy from Grease 😛 And they also solve the mystery of why Max ignored them in conversation – They thought his e-mails were spam and never responded to any of his invitations. 😦

Think they both need a bib to catch all the drool. Men are so predictable when it comes to a pretty girl 😛

Steve 205

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 209 –

Ike Maka (Identity)

To be continued here



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7 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #33

  1. Yes! I loved the little ‘moment’ between Steve and Kono! No words were needed, his look reveals his appreciation.
    She is no rookie in Steve’s eyes, actually he never ever called her rookie!
    (As a McKono fan I take the tiniest moments between those two, 😉 )


  2. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Trop sexy, qu’en pensez vous ?


  3. These are a few of my favorite things…Steve half nekkid in bed! Steve in clingy sweat pants! Steve in v neck tee and green cargos! Steve and “the moose” in interrogation. 😛 Steve admiring Kono’s skillful shot. Steve’s baby blues and perfect hair in pic 201!
    We did an “Undressing Steve” for this epi I believe. All because of those clingy sweat pants and green cargos. Oh how I miss them! SIGH


  4. *swoon* These pics are just gorgeous 😀


  5. I think there´s some major mcperving in this post. Ewww.
    Just kidding! Love the lumps on his body!


  6. buttercup4u

    That knocking on the window with his gun is one hot moment! His finger is telling the story 😉 ! Everytime that man pulls his gun I have butterflies in my stomach!! It’s the way he grabs it, it’s just frkn hot!
    So many pictures, so many memories! #176 those green pants, wow!


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