Pic for the day – Steve soooo pretty again

Alex is just phenomenal. He’s such a good actor. That first big confrontation scene in the first episode, I felt, ‘Ah, this is so great. I don’t have to do any work, because he’s so great. I just have to look in his eyes and respond.’

“He’s talented, boy. He’s the real thing.” – Christine Lahti on working with Alex





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4 responses to “Pic for the day – Steve soooo pretty again

  1. That’s exactly what DJ Qualls said when I talked to him about Alex. He said that everyone is great on set but he just clicked with Alex and that he was good, real good. 😀


  2. buttercup4u

    Thanks for another gorgeous Alex, we can’t ever have enough of THIS PRETTY!
    I don’t like the LLWL Doris, but the chemistry btw them is great and she gives Alex so much room to develop!


  3. gracenotpark

    Sigh. I love hearing his praises sung. And thanks for the DJQualls POV, Caroline!


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