The Steve McGarrett Story – No #29

We continue our story from here

Steve 04

The team catch  a case of a murdered volleyball coach. While investigating they meet his landlord Karl Joyner. As it turns out Karl was laundering money for the dirty ex-cops Kono was undercover with. Karl’s wife decided to leave him and with the help of the volleyball coach, cleared out Karel’s bank account and moved to a motel. What they did not know was that the money in the account belonged to Delano.

Chin and Lori wait at the motel for Trisha Joyner to return, but a gunman arrives. They wound him, but he gets away together with his driver – Kono. He dies while he and Kono is driving away. Delano tells her to get rid of the body.

Chin: Hold your fire.

Lori: Why?

Chin: The driver. It’s my cousin.

Chin & Lori

Steve confronts Chin about the situation. None of them have any clue that she is working undercover for Fryer.

Steve: You wanna tell me what’s going on?

Chin: I didn’t know it was this bad.

Steve: Why don’t we start with what you did know?

Chin: I knew what we all knew. Kono lost her badge. She’s been in a bad place. Steve, she hacked into the HPD database using my password. When I asked her about it, she said she wanted to see her case file.

Steve: What’s her connection to Joyner and his money laundering business?

Chin: I don’t know. I’ve never seen her with the thug she was with today. She’s hanging with guys like Ray Mapes now.

Steve: Who is Ray Mapes, Chin?

Chin: Ray Mapes is an ex-cop. He lost his badge when he got caught shaking down drug dealers. I figured  that she was feeling like that’s all she was good enough for. I know that feeling.

Steve: How’d it get this far, huh? Why didn’t she come to us?

Chin: I don’t know. I don’t know what she’s into. I don’t know how deep she’s in.

Steve: I don’t know if we can protect her anymore. Do you understand that?

Chin: I know. I should have told you. I should’ve. I’m sorry.

The team track Kono through her phone and arrest her.

While interrogating Kono, Captain Fryer arrives.

Steve: Hey. Captain Fryer, what the hell are you doing here?

Fryer: You’re done here McGarrett. Kono, get up.

Steve: Hey, hey! She’s in custody.

Fryer: Oh no. She’s mine.

Steve: What are you talking about, she’s yours? This has nothing to do with IA.

Fryer: Wrong again. She’s working for me.

Chin: I can’t believe you didn’t bring this to me. It went too far.

Kono: Fryer said  he’d go after the rest of Five-o with IA investigations, if I didn’t cooperate.

 Fryer: IA has been running an undercover operation on a ring of dirty ex-cops. They shake drug dealers, human traffickers, all over the island. They drop dozens of bodies, including Brian Scartelli’s, your dead volley ball coach.

Steve: And Karl Joyner? Huh? That’s who he was laundering money for. Why would you not loop us in on that.

Fryer: I could not risk it. You understand that. These guys still have contacts inside HPD. I’ve been circling Delano’s organisation for 3 years. Now Kono was just making inroads. She’s as close as we’ve ever gotten.

Kono goes back in undercover and accompanies Delano and his team with Trisha to the bank. The Five-0 team with Captain Fryer and HPD wait outside the bank to arrest them. Inside the bank the personnel gets suspicious about the situation and Delano wounds Kono in a shootout.

Exiting the bank with a hostage, Delano gets shot by Captain Fryer, his ex-partner who has been hunting him for 3 years. Unfortunately he did not kill him – both himself and Chin will be seriously affected by that later on.

Steve: Hey, Fryer.

Fryer: Yeah?

Steve: Listen [Steve hits Fryer] Nobody messes with my team, all right?

Fryer: Duly noted commander.

Steve: Let’s go home…

The team


– Hawaii Five-0; Episode 205 –

Maʻemaʻe (Clean)

To be continued here


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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #29

  1. He was so pretty and bad@ss in this episode!
    #12) Those parted kissable lips and succulent vein…mmmm
    #35) HIs puppy dog eyes are killing me!
    #42) His piercing blue eyes make my lady parts tingle! 😛
    The iconic team walk off, with our BadA$$ leader front and center wrapped in the yummiest pair of tan cargos and double thigh holsters! GUH! The moose needed its own credits in this episode. :mrgreen:
    I am savoring these last few episodes of S2 where Alex still has a twinkle in his eyes and pinchable cheeks. 🙂


  2. Mmmm I love that walk off scene, absolutely delicious!! 😀


  3. buttercup4u

    With this Kono story, the writers positively surprised me. I love the outcome!
    My thoughts 😉
    1) Steve: “Why didn’t she come to us?” – because we wouldn’t have want to miss the hot-blooded conversation with Steve and Kono in the blue room, wow, how I loved that range of emotions Steve went through, from helplessly angry to caring and looking out for his friend he swore to protect.
    2) Steve: “Who is Ray Mapes, Chin?” – I love it when Steve raises his voice (*shudder*) and …. didn’t you love the sneak peak of Danny and Lori outside Steve’s office while he was talking to Chin!
    3) I have to come back to the blue room (sorry 😉 so much hotness going on in there) I love how Steve loses it and stamps (?) the chair on the floor, and his arms are tense during all these times, Alex speaking with his body and intensing the whole scene, perfect! And the Chin has to interfere, and Steve is put in the corner, *to lean* and even then he dominates the scene with his body language!
    4) He wears that frkn gorgeous blue shirt that goes so well with the tan cargos, that blue makes his eyes sparkle like magic!
    5) I love how he rubs his hand after hitting Fryer!


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