The Steve McGarrett Story – No #28

We continue our story from here

Steve 28

In the locker on Molokai, Steve got the evidence of the Governor and WoFat meeting together with his dad, but the audio of the video was deleted. Without the audio they do not really know what the meeting was about. From the date on the video, it looks like it was recorded nearly a year before John’s death. It seems suspicious that John McGarrett would be meeting with them. Steve needs answers.

Joe: So what is on your mind son?

Steve: I need to know why my father was meeting with WoFat and Governor Jameson. Okay. I need to know what was being discussed on that video.

Joe: I told you. I got DOD working on extracting the sound, but it’s not an easy job. The audio was scrubbed.

Steve: It’s been four weeks

Joe: Yeah well, that’s the DOD, son. Nothing happens overnight.

Steve 01

Steve: You remember Joe White?

Cath: Your old commander?

Steve: Yeah

Cath: Yeah I heard he’s overseeing SEAL Team training at Pearl now.

Steve: Yeah, he is. Look he submitted a piece of intel for analysis, okay. It’s a video I’m trying to pull sound from. DOD has been sitting on it for weeks now. I was hoping you could check the status for me.

Steve & Cath

A while back Chin realised that someone logged onto the HPD, using his password. Charlie Fong traced the IP back to Kono’s computer. When confronting her, Kono told Chin that she just wanted to look what HPD had on her in her case file, in order to help her with her defence.

Frank: Good old cousin Chin. He’s back with Five-0, is that right?

Kono: Yeah

Frank: And you used his password to get me those HPD files? I can’t decide whether that was, uh, really resourceful or incredibly stupid.

Kono: Look Frank, you came to me for access. I got you access. Chin won’t be a problem. I’ll make sure of it.

Frank: You better. Because of he starts poking his nose where it doesn’t belong, that’s gonna be a problem  for all of us. I might not handle it as delicately as you.

Steve: So,uh, you hear anything back from DOD about that surveillance video yet?

Joe: Still no word.


Steve: I just can’t shake this feeling that there’s something you’re not telling me.

Joe: Well try harder.

Cath: Orders came in today and I am being sent TAD (Temporary Additional Duty) to NAVCENT (United States Naval Forces Central Command). My fight for the Gulf leaves tonight.

Steve: Tonight?

Cath: Yeah.

Steve: Wow.

Cath: Yeah. So…..

Steve: Yeah.

Cath: Anyway, um, before I left I just wanted to get back at you about that thing you asked me about.

Steve: Yeah.

Cath: I checked with the DOD, and they haven’t received any intel request from Commander White.

Steve: You sure about that?

Cath: Yeah. I’m so sorry.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: You never gave that video to the DOD, did you, Joe?

Joe: No.

Steve: You know what? I know he was your friend, but he was my father. Whatever it is you’re trying to protect me from, I can handle it, you understand me?

Joe: Did you ever think that maybe you’re not the only one I’m trying to protect?

Steve: What are you talking about?

Joe: Risk versus reward, Steve. How much damage you willing to do your family, to your family’s name? Because whatever is on that video is not gonna bring your father back.

Steve: I need to know

Steve 49

– Hawaii Five-0; Episode 204 –

Mea Makamae (Treasure)

To be continued here



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3 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #28

  1. “How much damage you willing to do your family, to your family’s name?” I really hope Joe asked Steve’s mother this exact question! How rude to accuse Steve of doing so! Grrr.


  2. I hate the Joe kept letting Steve down, as if he needs anymore betrayal 😦 Just as well Danny’s always there for him! 😉


  3. buttercup4u

    We still don’t know why his dad was there with wofat and the gov, or did i miss something?
    We now know joe wanted to protect his mom, but now he shouldn’t try to hide things from steve! Guess he doesn’t know doris as well, he didn’t know why she didn’t kill wf when she had the chance!


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