The Steve McGarrett Story – No #27

We continue our story from here

Steve 12

Steve and Joe do some bonding on the Ulupa’u Crater Rifle Range…..

Joe: Good to know your father’s rifle still seems tight.

Steve: Yeah, he taught me how to break it down before I was allowed to fire a shot.

Joe: He told me about this place. Your father wanted to bring you here.

Steve: He promised me a hunting rifle for my 16th birthday. Then things changed.

Steve: So when are you going back to Coronado?

Joe: I’m not. I put in for a transfer to Pearl Harbor. Overseeing SEAL team training.

Steve: Really?

Joe: The island seemed like a pretty good place to wind it down.

Steve: The thing is Joe, I mean you’re not really a fun-in-the-sun, hang-loose-aloha type.

Joe: They let you stay.

Steve: Yeah, they did.

Joe gets a call about the death of one of his old SEAL students. It is ruled as a suicide, but something seems wrong and Joe asks Steve to investigate

It seems like Kono is doing a good job with her undercover work for IA. She meets with Frank Delano, a corrupt ex-cop. (Frank Delano –  In about a year’s time, he is shot and killed in cold blood and at close range by Chin, as revenge for his wife Malia’s death)

Frank: You want a drink?

Kono: No thanks.

Frank: I don’t trust cops who don’t drink. Especially ex-cops. So have a drink.

Kono: To Captain Fryer.

Frank: Don’t worry. Fryer and his IA rat squad will get theirs.

Kono: Not soon enough.

Frank: Listen Kono. I don’t wanna sit around all day and play footsie. A person with your skill set and job experience has a certain value in my line of work.

Kono: And what kind of work is that?

Frank: It’s kind of like police work. Except the bad guys we take down, we don’t read Miranda. We just take their money.

Kono: So you provide a public service.

Frank: Something like that.

Kono: So why am I here?

Frank: I have a job opening.

Kono: What kind of job?

Frank: I think I’d like to ease you into it first. Provide us with some information about an upcoming HPD raid, and we’ll see how that goes.

Kono: How do you expect me to get you that kind of information?

Frank: You’re a resourceful woman, Kono. You figure it out.

After the suspicious deaths of two SEAL’s the team follow the leads and working with Commanding Officer Wade Gutches, they track down an assassin who is killing the members of SEAL Team 9 on behalf of a drug cartel. Steve saves the one SEAL,  Lt. Bradley Jacks, in mid-air when he is tossed out of a plane while drugged and unconscious. As reward for the save and the intel they collected, the team is allowed to watch the raid on the cartel.

Danny: You did that stuff?

Steve: I neither confirm nor deny

Chin: I’m glad you’re on our team.

Lori: Me too.

(For me Danny’s question here is kind of strange  – I’m pretty sure that is what SEAL’s do – especially if you have been one for 10 years? 😀 )

Steve 39

 – Hawaii Five-0; Episode 203 –

Kameʻe (The Hero)

To be continued here


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11 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #27

  1. I hope they bring bk doris like her the stories are great ty AIS


    • There is no news yet of Christine Lahti joining the cast again, so we will have to see if that will happen any time soon.Maybe by Epi 100, when a lot of the questions will apparently be answered 🙂


  2. Those cargo pants and green shirt in the jungle were the best! 😉

    I think Danny’s question is more about trying to solidify in his own mind that Steve really was that ruthless/dangerous and that’s the reason for his risk taking behavior on the job or maybe it’s more of an awe thing, like WOW babe you really did that?! *Stars in eyes* LOL 😀


  3. This is one of my favorite epis from S2. He is absolutely mouthwatering in those tan cargos (RIP) and the green polo shirt. I’d like to pitch a tent with McG! 😛 Love all the pics, some more than others, for obvious reasons.
    I laugh every time I watch or even think of the ending scene as the team is walking down the hallway to observe the SEALs in action. Danny badgering Steve about Operation Strawberry Fields , then following up with “Is there an Operation Abbey Road? Are you the Walrus?” LMAO Steve’s reply is “Shut it!” and Joe then asks, “Ready for the Magical Mystery Tour?”
    FOYeur, I really should know this, however, it has slipped my mind. Which episode did Alex hurt his shoulder, that leads to the dreaded drug dependency? Is it the MMA epi? SIGH I hate even thinking about it. 😥


    • As far as I know Alex was already hurt during or before Epi 113 – I think it was filmed in late Nov 2010. There are pictures of him getting Physiotherapy during the filming of 113. There is also an interview, that I am unable to find anymore, where he talks about his shoulder injury (Think it might be a lost AOLR vid or maybe it was just my imagination)
      They never talk about any injury in 206 specifically, but I believe that he must have sustained some sort of injury (maybe not shoulder, but other) during the punches of that fight scene – maybe I am wrong.
      The of course his shoulder injury got aggravated during the filming of 210 in October 2011, while hanging from his arms (But I believe (without any real proof) that he was already hooked on some of his pain pills by then) I think a lot of Alex’s physical and mental pain was hidden by the fact that it was dark and difficult episodes for Steve and the character was in pain also – in other words Steve’s pain masked his pain.
      He talks in one interview about it being multiple injuries over time and the also that in the end the last one was just the last straw. We all know from the gag reel that got injured by the red garage door in January 2012 during filming of Epi 315 and that the signs of his deterioration can be seen in episodes after that. Less than 2 months after the door hit him he went to rehab……
      Hope this answer your question 🙂


      • Thanks sweetie! 🙂 Also, if he was already taking pain meds, they could have easily clouded his judgement during filming, and caused even more injury and pain. He seems to be so in tune with his mind and body now. 🙂 (I will forgive his cigar smoking, because he isn’t perfect) I am so happy for him that he is healthy, and we reap the benefits of his extraordinarily sexy fit body. 😛


      • Excuse me for intruding, but is this interview you are talking about? I thought is was injured at 1.12.

        Alex and Brooke from the Insider 2011


        • Thanks Marta – you are not intruding 🙂
          On this interview fwith Inside he talks in general about his body being sore and having to take ice baths for it – this was recorded during filming of 206 in September 2011
          We in fact just found the other interview – Paula was looking for something after seeing a screencap of an interview and somebody gave us a link – and there he talks about his shoulder being hurt – it was recorded for TV Guide during the filming of the Season 1 finale in April 2011. Link to vid:


  4. buttercup4u

    I will always be thankful to Joe White for his accurate shot, this amazed Steve in his green shirt was *smashing*, and the cargos, wwowwieee!!! Best outfit ever (ok, there are some more 😉 ) but really, this green shirt! I guess I said it before, but I love the bander btw these two!
    I can only add here, that Alex plays this role so much real, I sometimes think, HE IS STEVE 😉
    He has the coolness, the calmness, the strength, I only feel sorry for him because he couldn’t grow up with his parents! But this too, he only takes it for the best, never have regrets! In season 5 – I think, he wished he’d married Cath sooner! Or told her the L-word 😆


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