The Steve McGarrett Story – No #26

We continue our story from here

Steve 103

Like a good ‘naughty’ boy Steve waits to see the principal Governor Denning at his office. In walks a pretty blond girl………

Gov Denning: Commander I thought you and I had an understanding. When I told you there was gonna be accountability, I wasn’t saying it just to hear myself speak.

Steve: Um, I don’t know what you mean, sir.

Gov Denning: You let a dangerous felon go last week, in hopes that he would lead you to WoFat. You thought you could slip that one by me.

Steve: With all due respect sir, the objective is you catch WoFat, not the little fish under him

Gov Denning: Will all due respect, Commander, you broke my trust. And there are going to be consequences for that, as I said there would be.

Steve: What kind of consequences?

Gov Denning: Officer Weston.

Lori: Sir.

Gov Denning: I’m sure you thought coming here you were gonna be appointed as my new public safety liaison, but actually I have a different position in mind for you.

Lori: Wait a minute

Lori 3

Steve: Sir, if this has to do …..

Gov Denning: That’s right, Officer Weston, welcome to Five-0

Steve: Sir, we’re not really recruiting new people right now. No offence

Lori: None taken

Gov Denning: Commander, you’re gonna find officer Weston to be an incredible asset to your team. She spent six years with Homeland Security as a profiler.

Lori: Sir, I actually appreciate you thinking of me for this position, I’m not looking to be a  babysitter.

Steve: If this is about a replacing Officer Kalakaua.

Gov Denning: Time-out. Time-out!

Steve: Babysitter?

Gov Denning: Wait. Wait.

Time-out. This is not about Officer Kalakaua, and I’m not asking you to babysit. I’m asking you to be a part of a team that is vital to this state’s safety. And frankly I am not asking. I’m telling.

Danny: Wow, look at you. You clean up nice, babe. You got all dressed up for the new governor? Win any points?

Steve: Not exactly. Danny Williams this is Officer Lori Weston.

Lori: Hey. Nice to meet you.

Steve: Our new partner.

Danny: Nice to meet…. What?

Steve & Danny

Lori: Governor Denning assigned me to your  Five-0 Task Force.

Danny: To do what?

Lori: Uh, assist you in any way I can.

Steve: Sorry. I’m pretty sure the word you used  earlier was “babysit”. You’re gonna babysit us.

Danny: I apologize, he lost his manners somewhere between the womb and kindergarten. You’ll fit right in. Nice to meet you.

Lori: Nice to meet you.

Kono arrives back home from surfing and finds a stranger in her house – it would later turn out that he is Captain Fryer, recruiting her to do some undercover work for him ……. (Capt. Fryer – In about a years time, he is ambushed, shot and killed in an alley by a female assassin – under orders of Frank Delano)

Fryer: Wow. You seem to have a lot of people who really, uh, care about you. That’s nice.

Kono: Who the hell are you?

Fryer: You might want to sit down.

Steve picks up on the signs that something seems wrong with Jenna ……..

Steve: I mean you seem distracted. I want you to know that if something is going on, you can come to me.

Jenna: Well, um. I didn’t want to bother you in the middle of a case. But, I received a phone call from yesterday Langley. My old boss at the CIA said he picked up on some chatter he thought I should know about.

Steve: What are you talking about?

Jenna: My fiance might be alive.

Steve: How accurate is this intel?

Jenna: They can’t say, but, uh, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Steve: Okay. When are you leaving?

Jenna: I was hoping as soon as we find Jen. If there’s any chance he might be alive, Steve I need to be there.

Steve: Yes you do. And if there is anything that we can do, you can come to us, okay.

Steve & Jenna

Jenna says goodbye to the team before she flies to the mainland. But she was actually lying and never left the island, as we discover later.

Fryer [addressing the media]: After a lengthy investigation by the Internal Affairs Department Office, Kono Kalakaua has been stripped of her badge and is no longer a member of Five-0 or the Honolulu Police Department. Her case has been handed over to the prosecuting attorney, who is officially moving forward with charges.

Steve 99

– Hawaii Five-0; Episode 202 –

Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)

To be continued here


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14 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #26

  1. karen1228

    This is where 5-0 lost me for s2 – I didn’t like the Lori Weston character. I tried watching a few epis and couldn’t do it – I stopped watching until she left towards the end of the season. I dvr’d the epis and ff’d thru her scenes. And this isn’t counting Alex’s absence for a month which made it even worse! So reading your recaps will be the closest to watching in rt that I’ve come in 3 years!


    • buttercup4u

      I think, Lori never really had a chance with Steve, that’s why I feel sorry for her, she had a soft spot for him (who wouldn’t) but he just took her as a friend.


      • I also think he saw her as a colleague – and he loves them all. I actually do not really understand what the writers wanted to achieve with Lori or how they saw her and wangted her to be seen.
        But Steve did show some spark of interest for the pretty girl, when she first walked in. 🙂


    • I must admit, I also do not know these episode very well. But it has more to do with Alex’s own deteriotation than with Lori.
      I try not to be influenced my characters or actors I do not like – for me it is all about Steve (Alex) 🙂


  2. *swoon* that blue suit was gooooood!


  3. Colleen

    Great post Foyeur. I love these recaps. I am a little surprised that a few pictures of Alex riding a horse in this episode didn’t make it in to your post. Still great and the blue shirt is really great on him.


  4. Loved his scenes with Jenna in this episode! Showed us what a great, understanding, supporting and caring man Steve is! It’s his strength and his weakness.
    Yet despite the amount of betrayal he has experienced he never changed! That’s a real BAMF (to refer to aolww’s prompt).
    And we saw that for Steve Kono was still part of the team. He didn’t really welcome her replacement. Loved that.
    And the “Woman’s Day” moment makes me giggle everytime!


    • buttercup4u

      I love that too, that he sensed that something was bothering her, and she came straight, I guess her betrayal was never really planned! That’s what makes us still like her character.


      • In fact I think at this time the betrayal was already being worked out and set in motion.
        The mention of maybe the fiance was still alive (She knew he was, because WoFat told her) and going back to CIA was all a front. Remember she never really left the island to go back to the CIA – we realise that in 210.


  5. buttercup4u

    He just looked so frkn gorgeous in this episode! I wish, I was the one sitting with him in that coffee shop! I drink my coffee black, so I could sit there all day, with my refill and look at him, without bothering about the milk, he he!


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