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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #26

We continue our story from here

Steve 103

Like a good ‘naughty’ boy Steve waits to see the principal Governor Denning at his office. In walks a pretty blond girl………

Gov Denning: Commander I thought you and I had an understanding. When I told you there was gonna be accountability, I wasn’t saying it just to hear myself speak.

Steve: Um, I don’t know what you mean, sir.

Gov Denning: You let a dangerous felon go last week, in hopes that he would lead you to WoFat. You thought you could slip that one by me.

Steve: With all due respect sir, the objective is you catch WoFat, not the little fish under him

Gov Denning: Will all due respect, Commander, you broke my trust. And there are going to be consequences for that, as I said there would be.

Steve: What kind of consequences?

Gov Denning: Officer Weston.

Lori: Sir.

Gov Denning: I’m sure you thought coming here you were gonna be appointed as my new public safety liaison, but actually I have a different position in mind for you.

Lori: Wait a minute

Lori 3

Steve: Sir, if this has to do …..

Gov Denning: That’s right, Officer Weston, welcome to Five-0

Steve: Sir, we’re not really recruiting new people right now. No offence

Lori: None taken

Gov Denning: Commander, you’re gonna find officer Weston to be an incredible asset to your team. She spent six years with Homeland Security as a profiler.

Lori: Sir, I actually appreciate you thinking of me for this position, I’m not looking to be a  babysitter.

Steve: If this is about a replacing Officer Kalakaua.

Gov Denning: Time-out. Time-out!

Steve: Babysitter?

Gov Denning: Wait. Wait.

Time-out. This is not about Officer Kalakaua, and I’m not asking you to babysit. I’m asking you to be a part of a team that is vital to this state’s safety. And frankly I am not asking. I’m telling.

Danny: Wow, look at you. You clean up nice, babe. You got all dressed up for the new governor? Win any points?

Steve: Not exactly. Danny Williams this is Officer Lori Weston.

Lori: Hey. Nice to meet you.

Steve: Our new partner.

Danny: Nice to meet…. What?

Steve & Danny

Lori: Governor Denning assigned me to your  Five-0 Task Force.

Danny: To do what?

Lori: Uh, assist you in any way I can.

Steve: Sorry. I’m pretty sure the word you used  earlier was “babysit”. You’re gonna babysit us.

Danny: I apologize, he lost his manners somewhere between the womb and kindergarten. You’ll fit right in. Nice to meet you.

Lori: Nice to meet you.

Kono arrives back home from surfing and finds a stranger in her house – it would later turn out that he is Captain Fryer, recruiting her to do some undercover work for him ……. (Capt. Fryer – In about a years time, he is ambushed, shot and killed in an alley by a female assassin – under orders of Frank Delano)

Fryer: Wow. You seem to have a lot of people who really, uh, care about you. That’s nice.

Kono: Who the hell are you?

Fryer: You might want to sit down.

Steve picks up on the signs that something seems wrong with Jenna ……..

Steve: I mean you seem distracted. I want you to know that if something is going on, you can come to me.

Jenna: Well, um. I didn’t want to bother you in the middle of a case. But, I received a phone call from yesterday Langley. My old boss at the CIA said he picked up on some chatter he thought I should know about.

Steve: What are you talking about?

Jenna: My fiance might be alive.

Steve: How accurate is this intel?

Jenna: They can’t say, but, uh, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Steve: Okay. When are you leaving?

Jenna: I was hoping as soon as we find Jen. If there’s any chance he might be alive, Steve I need to be there.

Steve: Yes you do. And if there is anything that we can do, you can come to us, okay.

Steve & Jenna

Jenna says goodbye to the team before she flies to the mainland. But she was actually lying and never left the island, as we discover later.

Fryer [addressing the media]: After a lengthy investigation by the Internal Affairs Department Office, Kono Kalakaua has been stripped of her badge and is no longer a member of Five-0 or the Honolulu Police Department. Her case has been handed over to the prosecuting attorney, who is officially moving forward with charges.

Steve 99

– Hawaii Five-0; Episode 202 –

Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)

To be continued here


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