The Steve McGarrett Story – No #25

We continue our story from here

Steve 6

Amongst the people present at Governor Jameson’s funeral are Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, WoFat and Lieutenant Governor Denning.

Kono is suspended and passing the time surfing. Danny is meeting Joe White at Hickham Airforce base – he must have friends in high places, because it seems the plane was there just for him 🙂 . Joe White was an old friend of Steve’s parents and he also trained Steve.

Steve is in prison, awaiting trial for the murders of Laura Hills and Governor Jameson…..

Victor Hess shanks Steve in prison and tells him he is giving him a way to escape.

(Interesting that Danny´s and Chin’s first instinct was to question Victor, rather than to rush to the hospital to see how Steve is doing. 😀 )

Danny: This is your plan all along? Frame McGarrett, get him in here so you can take him out?

Victor: I wasn’t trying to kill him. I was trying to save his life.

Danny: Trying to save his life?

Victor: Believe me, if I wanted to gut the man, I would have done it. I stabbed him in the abdomen low and to the centre, avoiding all the vital organs.

Chin: Why would you do that?

Victor: Because that would give him the best chance to escape.

Danny: Escape? What  the hell are you talking about, escape? What do you mean?

Victor: I told McGarrett that WoFat ordered me to kill him.

Danny: WoFat wanted to kill McGarrett, why didn’t he just do it when he killed the Governor?

Victor: You’re a detective. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Danny: He needed the Governor out of the way, so he pinned the murder on McGarrett.

Chin: Then when McGarrett is killed in prison by the man he put away, no one asks any questions. Is that it?

Victor: You two catch on fast.

Chin: It still doesn’t explain why you did not follow orders

Victor: I may be a soulless bastard, detective. But I’m no fool. WoFat is making one last deal and then he’s gonna disappear. He’s not gonna just do that, without tying up loose ends.

Danny: Loose ends, you mean you, right?

Victor: Yeah. Unless McGarrett kills him first.

Steve at Max's

Steve escapes from the ambulance, transporting him to hospital. While patching up his wound dressings, in a public restroom, Steve manages to overpower a police officer and he uses the policeman’s uniform and car to get to Max. At least Steve’s got friends in high places as well, and Dr. Max can patch him up. 🙂

Joe pays Jenna a visit and finds the picture of the medal from the Champ box on her wall of evidence. He sets off to find the original owner. Meanwhile Max phones Danny and Chin while Steve is still recovering.

Joe calls Steve and tells him to meet him at the house of a man called Makoto, the man who originally owned the medal called the ‘Order of the Rising Sun’, awarded for those bombing Pearl Harbor. He gave it to John as part of his atonement. (Makoto – He is tortured and killed by WoFat in a few months time)

On the way to Makoto’s Danny gets a call from Gracie and Steve realises that something is wrong.

Steve: You know I could be wrong. It is rare. But you don’t look happy.

Danny: Well I am happy on the inside.

Steve: You’re a bad liar.

What is going on?

Danny: Rachel is moving back to Hawaii. Okay?

Steve: You told me she was staying in Jersey. Why is she moving back to Hawaii?

Danny: She’s uh, moving back in with Stan.

Steve: Oh man. The baby’s his?

Danny: Turns out she’s further along than she thought. So she is gonna try to make it work with Stan for the kid’s sake.

Steve meets Makoto and he shares his thoughts about his dad. Joe and Danny waits outside.

Danny: Let me just get it straight. After Pearl Harbor, this guy strikes it rich, very rich obviously and he decides to move here and dedicate his life to cleaning up this island?

Joe: He called it a personal atonement.

Danny: Uh huh. How does McGarrett’s father come into play?

Joe: They met at a memorial service for the Arizona, where Steve’s grandfather died. It was there that Makoto approached John and asked for his forgiveness. Ultimately the two of them became friends. A couple of years later Makoto hired him. He’d gotten upset over corruption in the police department and local politics. So he asked John to secretly conduct an investigation.

Danny: Okay, and that’s when John finds out that the Governor is in bed with WoFat.

Joe: Yeah, and before he died, John told Makoto that he had the evidence that would prove that.

Danny: What evidence?

Joe: Makoto didn’t know. All John said was that he hid it on Molokai.

Steve: Why didn’t he tell me?

Makoto: Everything your father did was to protect his family.

Steve and Joe hides out at Kamekona’s. Jenna makes the connection between the safety box key from the Champ box and the fact that Makoto said John had evidence hidden on Molokai. She arrives at Kamekona’s to share her find.

(Most ironic words ever)

Jenna: Hi, I was wondering if I could use your bathroom. [winks]

Kamekona: Of course, but you’ve gonna have to buy a Shave ice first.

Jenna: Come on Kamekona, seriously?

Kamekona: Let me give you a tip. The key to undercover work. You got to make it look real.

Jenna: I’ll have a cherry.

(Ironic, because Kamekona tells Jenna here how to be a good spy, while in fact it is exactly how she is fooling them.)

 Steve flies to Molokai and retrieves a chip from the locker. On it is video evidence that was recorded in the Governor’s study. When they realise that John installed a hidden camera inside the Governor’s office, Chin and Danny rush over there, to see if there might still be a camera that could have recorded the Governor’s murder.

Magic Camera

The ‘Magic” camera

(I’m no expert with electronic and surveillance equipment, but a camera having the capacity to still record after more than a year seems kind of odd to me 🙂 )

They discover the camera with the evidence and they also meet Governor Denning. Together with the Governor, they arrive back at Kamekona’s just in time to prevent Steve from being arrested by HPD again.

Steve & Chin

Governor Denning: Commander McGarrett, you have my sincerest apologies for everything you’ve been through.

Steve: All due respect sir, I don’t need your apologies. What I need you to do, is reinstate my Five-o Task Force, so we can go after this son of a bitch right here

The Governor reinstates the Five-0 Task Force, but with some conditions of tighter control hanging over their heads. He also informs them that Kono is still suspended until the investigation against her is finished.

…… and they set off to find WoFat. They stop WoFat’s deal to sell a bomb, by killing the guy who bought it. They confiscate his money, but the ever elusive WoFat, escapes them.

As if wearing an ‘invisibility cloak’, WoFat walks in and out of Halawa prison to slit Victor’s throat, while his “accomplice” Jenna Kaye waits outside for him in a car. (He must have a lot of guards in his pocket, to have pulled that off. 😀 )

Jenna & WoFat

Some questions:

  • Why did Makoto never contact Steve in the year since his father’s death?
  • Maybe there is a slight possibility that an educated woman can be further along with her pregnancy than she thought, but how probable is it? (BTW – I still believe that Rachel just said that the baby was Stan’s, because she realised that Danny is married to his job and that things would never work between them)

Steve 63

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 201 –

Haʻiʻole (Unbreakable)

To be continued here


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13 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #25

  1. colleen

    I think this might be the best he has ever looked. That last picture with the black T shirt and just the perfect amount of facial hair. Wow he is beautiful.


  2. buttercup4u

    TGMKABIS (thank-god-my-kids-are-back-in-school) 😆 !!
    I really hope to have some more time to give myself some treats and to focuse on the worlds gorgeous things 😉
    1) WoFat’s glance at the funeral still gives me chills.
    2) I liked JoeWhite from the beginning (even though I didn’t like him in LOST) – I agree he has some mystery, but hey, who doesn’t!
    3) Speaking about Bamf, Steve fixing himself up in the toilet, bearing down on that police officer even beats the shooter scene with MarkWahlberg 😉
    4) Then at Max’s he wears that frkn sexy, and still unbuttoned plaid shirt (OMG, could they please repeat that kind of scene, just for me) and freshly wounded and still dazed he pulls the gun when Danny/Chin knock – always on the edge!


    5) I know the camera stuff is odd, but Steve in baseball cap/sun glasses for 2 secs makes it even for me!
    6) I love the chemistry btw Joe and Steve, the talk they have at Kamekona’s is great, althought we all know Joe has some dark secrets and was never totally honest, why not, I mean – Steve can take it all, can he!

    So many answers, so many more questions, will it ever end for Steve!?!? I guess that’s the irony of the show!
    (Ok I overdid it – sorry!)

    Thanks Paula, and FOYeur for all these wonderful posts!


    • Haven’t watched “Shooter” for a long time – are you talking about the ‘naked’ scene, when he needed some patching up? That takes a lot to beat 😛


      • buttercup4u

        When she stitched him together was great too, but i was thinking about the scene when he did some patching up in the bathroom – after his escaping race!! He did some kind of injection 😉 !!!


  3. buttercup4u

    Did I say that he wears one of my fav green cargos 😉 in this ep!


  4. karen1228

    This was the a great episode! He was absolutely stunningly, breathtakingly beautiful in the episode!


  5. Steve had the best faces in this episode, and they were while he was looking at Danny, in the prison, at Max’s house and in the rear vision mirror. 😀


    • He looked good (just as hot) in prison talking to Joe as well. 😀
      And at Max’s he did pull a lot of nasty faces at Danny for screaming at him and still looked just as hot while talking to Chin also. 😀
      The faces at Mokoto, were also pretty – although they were very sad faces.
      He is just pretty all around for me 😛


  6. It’s one of my favorite episodes of season 2. The Bamf Steve really is awesome and super sexy. Orange uniform, Police Officer uniform, plaid shirt and jeans, black t-shirt and cargo pants, or shirtless, this man always looks astonishing and gorgeous.


  7. AlexOloughlinlover

    Alex and that sexy damn beard that should have been the no shave zone period


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