Celebrating #AlexOLoughlin Around The World – #2

We have gone passed midnight in Central and Western Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and the central parts of Russia.

This means that it is already 24 August 2014 in a quarter of the world and we can celebrate Alex’s birthday with some more of our readers and Alex fans from around the world.


About 2% of our blog visitors come from this region and we would like to thank them for their interest in Alex and support of us over the years. Thank you to the readers from Central and Western Australia, Singapore (0,5%), the Philippines (0,5%), Japan (0,5%)

 Without my fans and their support, my job is pointless.

– Alex O’Loughlin, IESB.net. 9 September 2009



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4 responses to “Celebrating #AlexOLoughlin Around The World – #2

  1. It’s August 24th here in Vietnam. I’ve just posted a birthday wish on my Facebook and my Twitter. Happy birthday to Mr. Perfection, again <3!!


    • Yes, of course Vietnam will also be part of this region. Thank you for reminding me and for sharing your good wishes to Alex!
      You should visit us more, then I would have picked it up as one of the top countries from the region on our stats. 😀


  2. I visit this site pretty often, but maybe there aren’t lots of Alex’s fans coming from Vietnam… so…. 😀


    • I think it is just that the other places have so many, they take over 😀 Thanks for you support!
      I think it always depends on, in which countries his show can be seen and how many people use the internet to watch shows


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