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Celebrating #AlexOLoughlin Around The World – #3

It is now also gone passed midnight in all the regions of Russia and India. This means it is 24 August 2014 in some of the largest populations of the world, but unfortunately, there are not a lot of readers for our blog from this region. We are just glad that there are now even more from around the world that can join in our celebration of Alex’s birthday!


About 1% of our blog visitors come from these parts and we would like to thank them for their interest and support.

The other thing is, my true fans, emphasis on the word true, will follow me wherever I go.

– Alex O’Loughlin, ETonline, 29 April 2009



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Celebrating #AlexOLoughlin Around The World – #2

We have gone passed midnight in Central and Western Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and the central parts of Russia.

This means that it is already 24 August 2014 in a quarter of the world and we can celebrate Alex’s birthday with some more of our readers and Alex fans from around the world.


About 2% of our blog visitors come from this region and we would like to thank them for their interest in Alex and support of us over the years. Thank you to the readers from Central and Western Australia, Singapore (0,5%), the Philippines (0,5%), Japan (0,5%)

 Without my fans and their support, my job is pointless.

– Alex O’Loughlin, IESB.net. 9 September 2009


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Celebrating #AlexOLoughlin Around The World – #1

Passed midnight in New Zealand and the Eastern parts of Australia and Russia. The first 3 time zones from around the world are already on 24 August 2014. We can start celebrating Alex’s birthday with his family and friends back home.


About 3% of our blog visitors come from that part of the world and we would like to thank them for their interest in  Alex and for visiting us on a regular basis.

Thank you for enjoying Alex with us!

 I’ve got really fantastic fans from all over the world

– Alex O’Loughlin, HFPA press conference, 6 June 2012


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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #24

We continue our story from here

Steve 11

This day starts with Steve being full of fun and laughs, later being cocky about how he is going to catch WoFat and lock him away. But by the end of the next day he was defeated, framed for two murders and his team scattered all over, each with their own problems………..

Steve 3

Another Wednesday, and yet another envelope with something from the Champ box being returned – a key. Jenna informs them that according to her research, the key is most likely from some antique  piece of American furniture.

The Key

Laura Hills die in a car bomb explosion right in front of HQ.


Jenna: The improvised explosive device is one of WoFat’s prefered ways of execution. Especially when he is trying to send a message.

Danny: Okay, wait, you think WoFat did this? I mean, it seems sloppy.

Jenna: He’s not sloppy. He’s vindictive. Think about it. You took out Victor Hess and the Yakusa here. His right and left hands. You made it personal.

Steve: Yeah. He’s really gonna be pissed when I toss his ass in a cell for the rest of his life.

Danny and Steve search Laura’s house to try to find any clues of why she was killed.

Steve: Danny. Check this out. Okay, this may be coincidence, all right. These are the exact same envelopes I’ve been getting sent.

Danny: You think Laura Hills was the one sending those?

Steve: I don’t know.

Danny: They’re envelopes, Steve. What are you doing?

Steve: Getting a writing sample.

The handwriting on the envelopes is a match with Laura’s.

Steve: Okay, the thing I don’t get is that this evidence was stolen by the Yakuza. How did Laura get her hands on it?

Kono: Maybe she worked for WoFat.

Steve: Yeah, or she took it from somebody who did.

Jenna tracks down a guy named Dale O’Reilly, who was a suspect in some Claymore mines being stolen from the military. They suspect that he might have sold the mine to WoFat. Steve and Danny visit him at his workplace.

Steve: Who did you sell the Claymore to? Answer my question. Who did you sell the Claymore to?

Dale: McGarrett. His name is Steve McGarrett!

After some persuasion, Dale identifies WoFat as the man he sold the Claymore mine to. So that at least clears Steve’s name for that.

But the crime lab processes Laura Hills’ house and the only other prints, besides Laura’s, they find all over the place, are Steve’s..… it becomes clear that he is being set up for her murder.

Steve 14

Steve and Danny visit the Governor at her home to bring her up to date on the case. And to tell her that they know that Laura was killed by WoFat. They inform her that they have a witness, Dale who sold WoFat the mine and that he made a positive ID. While talking with her, Steve sees an antique desk in her study……….

Governor: Tell me, why do you think she was murdered?

Steve: We’re not sure, but we’re, uh. We’re working on that. You know what ma’am? Thank you so much for your time today. We understand it’s been a very difficult day.

Governor: Steve. This is very personal to me. You find this man, by any means necessary.

Steve: Yes, ma’am

Steve & Gov

Danny: Let me just make a statement. Out of the top dopiest suggestions you have ever had, this is number one with a bullet.

Chin: What idea is that?

Danny: Oh, I’ll tell you. He wants to break into the Governor’s mansion.

Kono: What?

Danny: All those who think that’s a certifiably demented idea, please raise your hand. Please raise your hand.

Jenna: I’m new. I didn’t think I got a vote.

Steve: You don’t get a vote okay. The rest of you are forgetting that Five-0 is not a democracy, it’s a benevolent dictatorship. Got it?

Chin: Why would you want to break into the Governor’s mansion?

Steve: The key that Laura Hills sent me from my father’s toolbox goes to an old antique bureau, all right? The exact same antique bureau that’s in the Governor’s study.

Kono: Okay, if the key fits, what do you think you’re gonna find in there?

Steve: The rest of my father’s stuff.

Steve 23

Dale O’Reilly and the HPD officers transporting him to prison are ambushed and shot dead in cold blood! They loose their only witness against WoFat…..but the only person besides Five-0 who knew that he was going to testify against WoFat, is the Governor. Steve starts to put the puzzle pieces to together, and realises that the Governor was involved with it all. But he also realises that they need rock-solid, air-tight proof against her.

Steve & Danny

Danny on the other hand has ‘problems’ of his own. Things between him and Rachel are serious and she needs to tell Stan that she will be leaving him. She also tells Danny that she is pregnant and when he asks, she says that he is definitely the father. She also tells him that she will be leaving for the mainland, because Hawaii is not her home. Danny says that he will leave with her, because she and Grace are his life.

Steve breaks into to Governor’s mansion, in order to test the key and to find answers. He does not find the remainder of his father’s stuff, but he finds surveillance pictures of Laura, placing the envelope on his car.


Steve: The key fit, Danny. This is what my father was working on before he was murdered, Danny. He was investigating the Governor.

Steve 25

The next morning while Steve informs the team on his suspicions and shows them the evidence against the Governor, Chin gets a call from Duke. A warrant for Steve’s arrest for killing Laura, is out. They clear all their evidence from the computers and Steve manages to escape, but without his gun. Lucky for him he’s got friends in low places, and Kamekona hooks him up with one.

Steve 27

Internal Affairs also arrive at the office. They are there to bring Kono if for questioning about the break in, into the Asset Forfeiture locker.

Steve breaks into the Governor’s house for a second time………

Governor: Steve. I was hoping they were wrong about you.

Steve: I didn’t kill Laura Hills. You did.

Governor: What do you want?

Steve: I want a confession.

Steve 30

Steve: I know my father was investigating you. I know about your ties to the Yakuza. I know about the Noshimuri brothers. I know about your connections with WoFat. My father was getting close to exposing you, wasn’t he Governor? That’s why my mother died in that car bomb, just like Laura Hills? But what I really want to know is who gave the order? I know Koji Noshimuri set the car bomb that killed my mother. I know Victor Hess killed my father. But I want to know who gave the order Governor? Was it WoFat or was it you?

Governor:  You captured the man who shot and killed your father. You took down the people responsible for your mother’s murder. I gave you the ability to do that. I gave you the immunity and means. I protected you. And when you got into trouble , I got you out of it.

Steve: You put the money in the asset forfeiture locker, didn’t you? You covered for us.

Governor: I was trying to protect you. Five-0 has done a lot for the people of Hawaii. I wanted that work to continue.

Steve: Stop lying to me. You created Five-0 so you could keep an eye on me. So I wouldn’t pick up where my father left off. Isn’t that right? You keep your friends close, but you keep your enemies even closer.

Governor: I am not the enemy, Steve. I have always been loyal to the people who are loyal to me.

Steve: Really? Is that why you had Laura Hills murdered? Because she was disloyal?

Governor: Yes.

WoFat immobilize Steve with a stun gun…….. and he shots and kills the Governor, leaving Steve with the murder weapon in his hands. Chin arrives with HPD and they arrest Steve.

Gov shot

Steve: It was WoFat.

Danny: Let him go.

Steve: It was WoFat, Danny.

Danny: Let him go. Let him go.

Chin: He was the only one there. His gun was just discharged. I can’t let him go.

Danny: Yes you can. We have jurisdiction. We’re Five-0. Get him out.

Chin: You don’t understand. Danny. There is no Five-0 anymore………

Steve arrested

With all the trouble, Danny completely forgets about the flight with Rachel and Grace to the mainland. Chin looks like a traitor for taking his job back as a lieutenant at HPD. And Steve and Kono can only stare at each other, stunned and amazed at the situation they find themselves in…………………………..

Steve -

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 124 –

Oiaʻiʻo (Trust)

To be continued here


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