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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #23

We continue our story from here

(Sorry, this is going to be a long one – so much happening during this episode and just too many pretty faces to choose from!! 😛 )

Steve 18

The team is hot on the trail of WoFat. Together with SWAT they raid a house supposedly used by WoFat as a hideout, according to intel from Jenna.

Steve 0

Steve: I got eyes on the target, but it’s not WoFat. It’s Sang Min, I repeat Sang Min.

Kono: Please repeat.

Steve: I’ll say again. Sang Min. WoFat wasn’t in the house.

Steve -

Jenna: Okay, who is Sang Min?

Chin: Fugitive, human trafficker, all-around scumbag. He is also a known associate of Victor Hess, which puts him in the same circles as WoFat.

Jenna: Okay, so he could have been holing up at WoFat’s safe house.

Steve: Or he was taking a shot at him. The front door was rigged with the explosive charge, right? I think Sang Min was expecting WoFat to be walking through that door.

Jenna: Why would he try to kill him.

Steve: I think it was a preemptive strike. Sang Min knows that WoFat does not like loose ends

Chin: Which is exactly what he became once he escaped form prison.

While in pursuit of Sang Min, Danny runs through a house and he comes across an unknown dead body in it. Emerging from the house, after discovering the body, Danny shows signs of restrictive breathing. He is taken to hospital in a very serious condition caused by an unknown poison.

Danny 1

Jenna identifies the toxin that caused the death of the guy in the house and which Danny was exposed to, as sarin. Her quick assessment assures that Danny gets the correct treatment quickly and it saves his life.

(Interesting to me that Jenna has been in their company for a while, but she did not know that Danny was divorced and moved to Hawaii to be with his little girl, Grace 😕 )

 Sorry I could not help myself – the faces were just to pretty

 ……… and some more………

 Sang Min contacts Steve and offers him a deal to deliver WoFat for them to capture. Steve refuses

With Rachel out of town and Danny in hospital, Steve picks up Gracie from school.

 Some more pretty again. *SIGH*

Steve and Chin arrive back at the office and there is a visitor waiting for them.

David: Commander McGarrett, David  Akahoshi, Internal Affairs.

Steve: I know who you are. What are you doing here?

David: I came to return something to Mr Kelly. The serial numbers on these bills don’t match the stolen money, which means you’re trying to cover for you uncle.

Chin: Those inventory logs disappeared years ago, so those serial numbers don’t exist.

David: Actually, they do. After the forfeiture locker was robbed, IA kept waiting for you to slip up and spend the money somewhere. We figured that you were being careful. So we had the asset forfeiture division put the word out that their inventory records had been lost.

Chin: It was all a lie?

David: If you thought we couldn’t trace the serial numbers, maybe you would finally start spending the money. But that never happened, because you never stole it.

Kono: Chin, this has gone to far.

Chin: You got your money back. Let this go.

David: I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I know you were just trying to protect your family, which is why I am not gonna charge you with obstruction of justice. I’m not even gonna ask where you got that money. But your uncle  stole form the Honolulu Police Department, which means he stole from the people of Hawaii. And he’s gonna have to answer for that. [walks out]

The Money

Steve: I myself, am gonna ask  where you got the money.

Chin: Marcum.

Steve: The bookie?

Chin: I signed the deed to my house over to him.

Steve: Return it. Get your deed back.

Chin: Steve, I didn’t have a choice.

Steve: Listen to me, all right. You did this for your uncle. You don’t have to explain anything else to me.

At the hospital, Steve finds Rachel sleeping in Danny’s arms.

Danny & Rachel 1

The next morning a  recovered Danny is back at the office.

Steve: You and Rachel? How long has that been going on?

Danny: Uh, a while.

Steve: Were you ever gonna tell me?

Sang Min: McGarrett

Chin: Put your hands in the air. Get on your knees, right now.

Steve: How did you get in here?

Sang Min: I need your help

Chin: He’s clean.

Steve: Told you I’m not gonna cut you any deals.

Sang Min: You don’t understand. I’ll plead to any charge. Take the maximum sentence, as long as you place me under protective custody.

Danny: Oh yeah, what happened?

Sang Min: WoFat. I tried to make things right with him.

Steve: What did he say?

Sang Min: He told me he’s not gonna rest until I’m dead. And then when I am, he’s gonna come for you next.

Steve 64

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 123 –

Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (Until the End is Near)

To be continued here


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