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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #22

We continue our story from here

Steve 20

On arrival back at his truck after a morning run, Steve finds another envelope on his windscreen. This time it contains a security box key that used to be in the Champbox.

Outside the office Steve runs into a distressed Chin.

Steve: What’s going on?

Chin: That was IA. They wanna see me this afternoon at 3.

Steve: Your uncle talked to them, didn’t he?

Chin: He told them it wasn’t me. And he told them my auntie was dying and needed a new kidney, so he stole the $200 000 out of the asset forfeiture locker to save her life. Now, of course, IA officially reopens the case.

Steve: But Chin, listen. This is gonna clear your name.

Chin: Yeah, it will. But at what cost? My uncle was a righteous cop, Steve. In his 25 years, he put away hundreds of criminals, guys that deserve to be on the street. And if he’s found guilty, they’ll  enact judicial review. All of his past convictions could be called into question. Guilty men will walk straight out of prison.

Steve: Let me call the Governor.

Chin: No. It’s my problem. I’ll handle it.

Danny: What’s with him?

Steve: His uncle is about to be arrested.

Danny: What did he do? He told the truth?

Steve: Yeah. Chin’s been carrying the secret for so long, he’d rather keep living with it, than to see his uncle go to jail.

Kono see Chin sitting alone in his car in front of the office.

Kono: You met with IA didn’t you?

Chin: I told them I took the money.

Kono: Did they believe you?

Chin: Not right away. They said they’ve been tracking my spending habits for years. So I told them I didn’t spend any of it. They then ordered me to produce all the money by the end of the day tomorrow.

Kono: Chin, you don’t have that kind of money.

Chin: I know

Kono: And no one in our family does. And you can’t go to the bank because they’ll know. So who are you gonna get it from? You need to go back there and tell them you lied. Just end this.

Chin: It’s done. I’m not going back.

During their investigation the team get to know a money-lender, Marcum. Chin pays him a visit.

Marcum: Five-0? Look, I answered all your partner’s questions. I paid my bail. I’m done talking about Renny.

Chin: I’m not here about that.

Marcum: Okay. I’m listening. [Chin hands him a document]

What use would I have for the deed to your home?

Chin: I need $ 200 000.  And I need it now.

Steve & Danny

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 122 –

Hoʻohuli Naʻau (Close to Heart)

To be continued here



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