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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #21

We continue our story from here

Steve arrive back home after his morning swim and finds Kamekona cooking up a storm in his kitchen. Apparently he lost a bet to Steve and needs to be his chef for a week. 🙂

Steve spot another envelope at the door……..

Steve: No

Kamekona: What’s the matter?

Steve: Did you see who delivered this?

Kamekona: Wasn’t there when I came in. Somebody must have slipped it under the door while I was in the kitchen.

Somebody send you pictures of a car wreck?

CB 1

Steve: This is the car bomb that killed my mother. These are crime scene photographs that were stolen from my father’s toolbox a fe months ago.

Kamekona: And now they’re sending it back? Why?

Steve: I don’t know.

 Please enjoy some of Steve’s pretty faces ……….

 …….some more…….

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 121 –

Hoʻopaʻi (Revenge)

To be continued here



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