The Steve McGarrett Story – No #20

We continue our story from here

Mcg 35

Steve and Danny go for a hike in the mountains. Steve remembers the good old days when he used to have adventures like this with his dad.

Previously Steve showed Jenna Kaye an envelope with the postcards that were stolen from the Champ box. It was sent back to him by an anonymous person.

Steve: You know what? I found another one of those envelopes on my doorstep yesterday morning. It had an old matchbook in it that used to be in my dad’s toolbox.

Danny: You think it is from WoFat?

Steve: I don’t know

Danny: What does Kaye think?

Steve: Kaye thinks WoFat is playing a game with me.

Danny: I don’t understand. What kind of game? Like he’s trying to get you to believe your father was a dirty cop?

Steve: Let me tell you something, my father was such a good man and he was a great cop. Whatever case he was working on before he was killed, I’m gonna find out what that was.

Danny: That still doesn’t explain why someone is sending that case evidence back to you.

Steve: Maybe someone is trying to lead me to WoFat.

Danny: Maybe WoFat is trying to lure you.

They find a body on the mountain and Steve climbs down on the ledge to examine it.

After inspecting the body Steve tries to climb back up, but gets hit in the face with a boulder and falls back onto the ledges – he breaks his arm in the process.

Danny climbs to the top of the mountain to get reception and calls for help.

A military helicopter flies in to rescue Steve.

Air lifted

Steve: Hey, Danny. Thanks, brother. 

Danny sends Steve off with an air heart ‘I ♥ U’ . Would you regard the ad-libbing that Scott did here, as “queer baiting”?

The rest of Steve’s Ohana, Chin and Kono, have problems of their own. They visit their aunt on her death bed and with Chin and his uncle fighting in private, some of the mysteries of the past, becomes clear to Kono.

Kono: Auntie knows.

Chin: Knows what?

Kono: That this thing between you and Uncle has something to do with you being kicked off the force.

Chin: Is that what you two spent your time talking?

Kono: I heard you two arguing about money.

Chin: Yeah, well. You heard wrong. It was nothing.

Kono: I’m thinking it was Uncle who took the money from the asset forfeiture locker, and you’re the one who took the fall. But what I haven’t figured out is why?

Chin: You know what Kono, just drop it, okay.

Kono: Look don’t lie to me, Chin. Not now. Am I right or am I not?

Chin & Kono 1

Chin: Okay. Auntie got sick and needed a kidney. But you know how hard it is to get on the donor list for a transplant here on the islands?

Kono: Yeah, but she got a kidney.

Chin: She did. But she did not get it the way Uncle said. Auntie would have died waiting on that list. But Uncle knew people in China who could get her one on the black market. The thing is nobody in our family has that kind of money

Kono: Did you know he was gonna take it?

Chin. No. Uncle did what he had to do.

Kono: You could have said something. Why did you take the fall? You lost your badge.

Chin: What was I supposed to do? Tell IA what really happened and watch Uncle go to jail?

Kono: You’re a cop. You’re supposed to tell the truth.

Chin: Sometimes things aren’t so simple,  Kono. I promised Uncle that Auntie would be shielded from all this. I kept my promise.

Kono: When Auntie passes, you’re gonna tell the truth. That’s what Uncle wants, isn’t it?

Chin: Yeah, but what good’s it gonna do? I finally found a home here with Five-0, Kono. Whatever happened, happened.

Chin & Kono

Their Aunt passed away that evening…….


 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 120 –

Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)

To be continued here



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8 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #20

  1. I love this episode 🙂
    Like that both Steve and Chin open their hearts to Danno and Kono.


  2. This was a fantastic episode and the pictures of Steve Danno Chin and Kono are beyond beautiful Thank You FOYeur.


  3. Just got this from “Ask Ausiello” interesting…

    Question: Will Catherine be returning at all next season on Hawaii Five-0? —Kim
    Ausiello: File that under Quite Possibly Maybe. “I’m definitely hoping to get [Michelle Borth] back, but I’m not sure when that will happen,” show boss Peter M. Lenkov told us. “But there will be some type of closure.” Until then, he says, “We’re playing a little bit of McGarrett mourning that relationship. Catherine is still [away] ‘doing the right thing’ and he understands that, but he’s heartbroken.”


  4. Loved the bromance in this episode! But mostly loved battered and blooded Steve and his potty mouth on the gag reel when he is setting his arm. 😛 Alex is the only man I find attractive when using those words. Oh to have him “talk dirty” to me like that… SIGH


  5. This was a great episode and I loved Scott’s adlib 😀


  6. Wow, you’re so fast with your recaps. Trying to catch up here.
    Loved this episode. A little Steve whump is not that bad… ;-). Bloody and bruised he is sexy as hell.
    But to be honest I didn’t like the airheart at all. I remember rolling my eyes and hubby mumbling “oh come on…”. It was OOC, over the top and felt completely “acted”. Sorry… 😦
    If I remember right this episode we got to know Chief Marimoto(?), who became a friend of Alex and was cooking for his wedding?


    • Well I have to post one a day if I want to get to the 100th episode when it is broadcast 🙂
      I am still saying Alex’s next role should be one where her is made up with a little blood and bruises the whole time 😀
      And yes you are correct, the did visit Chef Morimoto’s restaurant in this episode


  7. gracenotpark

    One of my favorites. Awesome recap, as they’ve all been. I’m so enjoying this little ride. Thanks, y’all. 🙂


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