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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #19

We continue our story from here

Mcg 1

CIA agent Jenna Kaye waits for Steve in his office, demanding him to hand over all his files and information about his investigation, related to the Yakuza and his father’s private files about it. (Jenna Kaye – In less than a year WoFat shoots her in cold blood in North Korea right in front of Steve.)

With her she’s got the tape recorder of Steve’s father, that used to be in the Champ box and that was stolen with all the other stuff in it. She evades his question about where she got it and just order him to hand over everything.

Of course Steve won’t just surrender all his information to anybody and he requests a personnel file on Jenna. Who he got it from we do not know. In it he sees that Jenna is actually an ordinary analyst and that she is on leave from the CIA. What does stand out to him from the file is the name WoFat – the man who he met on the golf course when they arrested Hiro.

 Steve pays Jenna a visit at her hotel. The walls are covered with maps, pictures and all sorts of information about WoFat and the Yakuza. Steve calls her bluff and in the end she has to come clean about what she is up to.

Jenna: WoFat was one of the good guys. He started his career as an intelligence agent for the Chinese MSS. Quickly became one of their best.

Steve: I got the highlights in your investigation file. He worked counter-intelligence at the 6th Bureau. He reached the rank of colonel, then he suddenly disappeared, right?

Jenna: Disappeared for years. Whatever he was doing, he must have realised that government work doesn’t pay well. Because when he resurfaced, he was already a major player in the criminal underworld.


Steve: How many bodies have you put on WoFat?

Jenna: Twenty three that we know of. CIA’s been tracking his movement for nearly a decade. But every time we think we’re close, he vanishes. It’s like he’s playing with us. But a few months ago, I tracked him to Hawaii. He paid a visit to someone you know.

Steve: Victor Hess. That’s the man who killed my father. Wait a minute. I didn’t know Victor Hess worked with WoFat.

Jenna: He doesn’t work with WoFat. He works for WoFat. Same with the Yakuza. None of them makes a move without his approval.

Victor & WoFat

Steve: Are you trying to tell me WoFat ordered my father’s murder?

Jenna: I believe so.

Steve: No, no, that doesn’t make sense. Victor Hess killed my father because I wouldn’t release his brother.

Jenna: Victor Hess arrived in Hawaii before you captured his brother. How could he have anticipated that? I believe that WoFat sent him here to do a job.

Steve: To murder my father?

Mcg 16

Jenna: I’m sorry.

Steve: You know what else doesn’t make sense to me? Why would you break away from the agency to hunt WoFat alone?  Why not work through the channels? You’ve got the CIA behind you. What is going on?

Jenna: Three years ago, I was working the Central Asia desk at Langley, when I uncovered a series of illegal arms deals being brokered out of China. My team ended up tracing them back to WoFat. Someone who wasn’t even on the agency’s radar yet. I was the first one to put a name to the face. But I got too wrapped up in the hunt. I tracked him to an arms deal in Macau. An agency grab team was dispatched based on my intel. But it was a setup. They walked right into a trap. There were no survivors. My fiance was on that team.

Steve: Oh.

McG 26

Of course we know in retrospect now that Jenna was actually sent by WoFat and the Governor to get close to Steve and to assess what he knows. And to find more information about what his dad knew and most probably who and what Shelburne is. She was able to deceive Steve so easily because her story was for the most part true.

The truths she withheld were that WoFat sent her there and that her fiance must have still been alive. He was still held captive by WoFat in order to have leverage over her and to get her help and  assistance in that way to get close to Steve.

Mcg 18

Steve made an appointment to see Jenna at Onofun Noodle House the next evening, but WoFat arrives………

Steve: What makes you think I won’t kill you right here in this restaurant?

WoFat: “The man who strikes first, admits that his idea have given out”, old Chinese proverb.

Steve: “Say hello to my little friend”, old American proverb.

WoFat: Do you honestly believe I’d come here without some assurance of my safety?

Steve: Where’s agent Kaye?

WoFat: Heading East on Kapiolani Boulevard. Driving a silver Malibu. But who can really say? In any case, I’m sure  she’ll make it here without incident.

Steve: What do you want?

WoFat: To know the man who is trying to know me.

Steve: Well what I know is that Hiro and Hess, both answer to you, which means that at the very least, you’re an accomplice to my parents’ murder. And at the most you are directly responsable.

WoFat: Interesting theory.

Steve: If that theory pans out, I promise you I will find you and next time will be on my terms.

WoFat: A little friendly advice. I wouldn’t dig too deeply into your family’s past. You might not like what you find.

McG 24Questions at this time:

  • Why did Steve never ask Jenna again where she got the tape recorder from? Clearly all the other stuff was with  WoFat and his accomplices.
  • How old is WoFat and how old was he when he turned to a life of crime?
  • And what triggered WoFat to turn to crime after starting a career in intelligence for his country?
  • Did Doris fake her death because WoFat started looking for his dad’s killer at that time in 1992?


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 119 –

Ne Meʻe Laua Na Paio (Heroes and Villains)

To be continued here


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