The Steve McGarrett Story – No #18

We continue our story from here

Steve 11

Before we start with the story, just some trivia about people in it:

  • Dane Cook who plays Matt Williams, Danny’s younger brother, is actually more than 4 years older than Scott. 😀
  • A long time personal friend of Scott, Troy Garity, who also co-starred with him in his movie Mercy, plays the role of one of the FBI agents in this episode. At the premiere of Mercy in 2010, there were a number of pictures taken of them together. One of these picture was photoshopped and Troy’s face replaced with that of Alex, and is commonly distributed as a real Alex and Scott picture. 😦 You can find the comparison of this fake picture and some other ones on of my Pinterest board here
Troy phoning the Gov to complain about his face being replace ;P

Troy phoning the Gov to complain about his face being replace 🙂

Jokes aside, let’s continue with our story…..

Danny’s brother Matt is in town. This is the first time that Steve can actually see Danny being “normal” in the company of his own family. Danny tells Steve how his brother was there for him in his dark days after Rachel left him. It seems that although Matt can be a trouble maker and sometimes have his priorities a bit muddled up, that he is a good person at heart.

As it turns out, Matt is under surveillance of the FBI. They are scared that he wants to skip town and leave the country before they can make their case against him. He is about to be indicted for fraud.

You can still see the love

Rachel and Danny – You can still see the love there…

Rachel: Daniel you can’t lie to me. What’s wrong?

Danny: I’m gonna tell you something. I’m gonna need you to keep it between us. Okay? Okay?

Rachel: [Nods]

Danny: The other night when Steve and I left dinner, the FBI was watching us. They’re after Matt.

Rachel: What?

Danny: They claim that he’s been scamming his clients out of their life savings. Apparently an indictment is on its way.

Rachel: Do you believe he’s guilty?

Danny: I don’t want to. I’m waiting for a call back from a buddy at the SEC.

Rachel: What does Matt have to say about all this?

Danny: I have not spoken to him about it.

Rachel: Daniel

Danny: Well, what do you want me to do, Rachel? What do I do? I mean it is an active federal investigation. I’m a cop.

Rachel: He’s your brother.

Danny & Rachel 1

Danny still trusting Rachel enough to share his problems with her.

Matt lost a lot of money in one day – $58 million to be exact. To try and hide it, he skimmed some money from other clients to cover it. But the whole thing just escalated and he just fell deeper into trouble. The situation did not start because he wanted to commit fraud, but because he wanted to hide his bad judgement in a financial deal.

To try and resolve it, he is actually in Hawaii to broker a deal with drug dealers from Columbia to launder money for them – definitely a bad option on his part, to turn to crime as a solution. His dealings with the drug cartel seems to be the real reason the FED’s are on his trail, in order for them to fry bigger fish. They are actually using him as bait……

To help Danny to resolve the matter himself and find Matt, Steve lies to the FED’s about where Matt might be. Danny again tries to persuade Matt to turn himself in, but he fails and Matt leaves on a plane. To flee his sorrows, Danny turns to the one familiar place that must have been his place of refuge in the past – Rachel’s arms…….

Rachel: Danny, what’s happened?

Danny: He’s gone. Matty’s gone. I lost him.

Danny & Rachel

Question: Why does Steve love Danno so much?
Alex: They’re partners. They’re the brothers that neither of them ever had.

– CBS Live Tweet, 27 September 2013

Steve 33

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 118 –

Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)

To be continued here



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2 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #18

  1. I’m very excited that the Matt story is making a return next season 😀 I loved that Steve was there for Danny in this episode and backed him up without Danny even asking him too, he could have fot into a lot of trouble but as always was right behind him.


  2. karen1228

    This was a fav epi of mine. We got to witness, as you said, Danny being normal with his family. I’m also glad they’re bringing Matt back this season. I’m already hoping it has a happy ending!


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