The Steve McGarrett Story – No #17

We continue our story from here

McG 66

Once again we see so many different sides of Steve during this case. First we get to see Steve the “normal” guy, taking his dad’s old Mercury Marquis for its first trip after fixing it – and of course it does not turn out very well. 🙂

Twelve rich kids from the mainland, on holiday on the Islands, are kidnaped from a pleasure cruise boat. The team  not only find the dead bodies of the captain and one of the pirates on the boat, but also one live crew member who was able to evade the kidnappers and hide until help came.

The Governor ask that Steve and the team handle the case for the FBI.

We get to see Steve the ‘crazy’ playful SEAL who would do anything to get to the truth – even blow down the door of Big Lono’s pawn shop, with a hand grenade.

Steve and Danny with the unpleasant task to tell one set of parents that their child is dead, just to realise that they were actually the cause of his death, by ignoring Steve’s instructions.

Don’t try to trick our SEAL. When Steve realises who the kidnappers are, he plays along with them and his poker face fools them into a false security. That way he and the team get close enough to rescue the kids.

To bring back 11 of the 12 kids safely to their parents, is a great victory and relieve to the Steve and the team…….

Mcg 67

– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 117 –

Powa Maka Moana (Pirate)

To be continued here


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3 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #17

  1. I love the face he makes at the end of this episode, so relieved and happy, its very sweet 😀


  2. gracenotpark

    I enjoyed this ep. I have many friends who could not gut the guest cast, but the McG in the ep, caring, cunning, and always ready to throw his bod at the perp, was pretty awesome. 🙂


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