Alex´s inviting mouth

Aolww has a month of prompts, asking fans to participate by sending a pic, the image they think of, with that prompt. Today it is about Alex´s mouth. Have a look at the examples here on aolww click this. Instead of just posting one choice, I felt I could do better and give a selection of some of the nicest moments I could think of. I admit my thoughts were more about the lips being more inviting than the mouth itself 🙂


We (FOYeur being the master mind behind the idea) made a post a loooong time ago about his sensual mouth, have a look at our early work, click here.


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8 responses to “Alex´s inviting mouth

  1. maxisilverhammer

    Love and Blessings, Sue


  2. COLD SHOWER ALERT!!! The man’s mouth is pornographic! His lips on Pearl’s neck… *shudder* but Mick wiping Beth’s taste from his lips is fall on the floor sexy! And to think, his NOSE is what gets me the hottest. 😛


  3. Audrey

    Those lips drive me crazy, so luscious and when he licks them…….


  4. Colleen

    My goodness is it hot in here?!!! What are you girls trying to do to us? Lol. Thank you for this wonderful post.


  5. Ontlls

    WOW!! Um.. WOW!! good thing I didn’t open this one at work today.
    Mick St. John first picture and then Will Bryant.. *THUD*


  6. *hot* fan selfs. His mouth and lips are most definitely pornographic, in a rather fantastic way! Great post 😀


  7. O.M.G.! ::::runs to find fire extinguisher::::
    Holy hotness! My computer screen is SMOKIN’ !!!!!!!!


  8. Those lips have kissed my cheek Cross THAT one of my bucket list THANK YOU GORGEOUS ALEX . my lovely Lad


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