#AlexOLoughlin Picture For The Day – Fitness Face

I think Aussies are looked upon as a mystery. There’s a universal feeling in America that Aussies have something to offer that’s different.

I don’t know if it’s true or not! We’re very fortunate to be brought up the way we’re brought up.

Although certain aspects of it can be frustrating – the tall poppy syndrome is alive and well – it actually breeds a certain level of humanity.

I think we have a really good work ethic – we don’t sit around and moan we don’t have the right flavoured candles in our trailers.

The things you hear, it’s like, are you kidding? You’re overpaid as it is, just show up and get on with it. –– Alex O’Loughlin

News Weekly

March 2008
Alex O'Loughlin

Photo Coloring Edit done by us – Alex O’Loughlin Intense Study (AOL-IS)



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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Picture For The Day – Fitness Face

  1. karen1228

    Sigh, plop and thud. That’s all folks!


  2. His looks are amazing and the way he thinks is outstanding 🙂
    What more could we want?


  3. Is he for real?! How can you not love him?! A sexy, humble man with a beautiful heart and strong mind. Oh Malia…you hit the jackpot!!


  4. lindae5o

    That face !!! Wise words from a beautiful man. How could you not love him?


  5. That is very much the kiwi work ethic as well. I think it’s because of where we live, being so geographically isolated. If you want to make it you have to work dam hard. I agree about Tall Poppy Syndrome, it can be awful! 😦


  6. karen

    That face!!!!!


  7. Agree all comments just wondertul !!!


  8. gracenotpark

    Love the quote. Such a straight shooter, our guy. 🙂


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