The Steve McGarrett Story – No #15

We continue our story from here

Everybody is rudely interrupted during their early morning activities, when a Tsunami warning hits Hawaii. Apparently it is a requirement to wear clothes when you answer you phone in Hawaii – no nude phone conversations there it seems 😀

The head of the Tsunami Warning centre Dr Norman Russell  is mysteriously missing on the same day when a Tsunami warning comes through. Is it coincidence?

The team follow the leads and Steve realise that the signal for the tsunami warning does not come from the buoys at sea, but from a computer on the Island. With Cath’s help, they track down the hacker and she helps them to locate the abducted head of the Tsunami centre. Steve suspects that somebody wanted the evacuation to happen, in order to commit a crime in the area that is deserted.

After identifying one of the kidnappers of Dr Russell and looking at possible targets the team realise that the asset forfeiture locker of the police is the target………..

Steve: They’re going for what they think is $28 million dollars.

Danny: What they think is 28 million.

Chin: Not till you borrowed 10 million to save my life.

Steve: We didn’t have a choice. Look if we didn’t meet  Hess’s demand of $10 million, he would have killed you.

Kono: 28 million, 18 million, it doesn’t really matter. They’re hitting the locker now.

Steve: She’s right.

Danny: Hold on for one second. Let’s just think. Think about what this means.

Steve: I know what this means, Danny.

Danny: We go bust these guys, HPD does an inventory on that money, they’re gonna see that $ 10 million is missing.

Kono: It doesn’t necessarily trace back to us.

Steve: We asked the Governor to borrow $ 10 million and she turned us down. As soon as HPD tell her exactly how much is missing, she’s gonna put it all together. What’s the alternative?

Danny: We can let them go. We get a clean slate. All right and I never look at my daughter in the face again. Let’s go.

Steve: I’ll drive.

The Team

Steve and Danny realise that Commander Hale of the Coastguard who they met earlier that day, is the culprit. He was part of the original team of the Coastguard who cracked the case  and then confiscated the money with HPD.

Hale: Coastguard tracked that drug deal for six months. It was supposed to be our takedown, but then HPD swooped in, took the credit, Now I’m being pushed out before my 20, no pension, no benefits. My country owes me.

Steve: Hey, let’s clear one thing up right now. You swore to support and defend this country, no matter what the cost. She doesn’t owe you anything, okay.

Steve 28

The Governor calls a meeting with Steve…..the team expect the worst!

Steve: She wanted to thank us. Actually she wanted to, uh, congratulate us on another job well done.

Danny: I’m sorry, what?

Chin: All right , what about the money?

Steve: Twenty-eight million. It’s all present and accounted for.

Kono: Hmmm? What? Whoa. I don’t understand.

Steve: The money s all there.

 – Hawaii Five-0: Episode 115 –

Kai eʻe (Tidal Wave)

To be continued here



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4 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #15

  1. I love his confused face in the last pics. His faces are so adorable 🙂


  2. Here is a few items regarding H50 it touched on the topic of Doris/Wo-Fat questions that were asked the other day.


  3. Here is something else from TV line;

    Do you have any details on Hawaii Five-0‘s Matthew Williams storyline? –Sarah
    When last seen during Season 1, Danny’s brother was on the run from the SEC. His current fate will be revisited “in an arc that ‘s going to play over the first five or six episodes,” show boss Peter M. Lenkov told me. (Concurrent with that storyline will be another arc, in which Jerry’s latest conspiracy theory “turns out to be real.”)

    Also, doesn’t it seem weird that the episodes (I see on dish) already have a 100th episode? Why do they mis-number them?


  4. The Governors of Hawaii seem to have the tendency to interrupt personal life of their task leader of Five-0 aka Commander Steve McGarrett. That was the second time in a row in season 1 lol. And the other Governor in season 2 also interrupted McRoll’s date in his ball and ordered Steve to lead a case. Poor McRoll.


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