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Pic for the day – Man-pretty by Alex

I think I got a really clear idea of the nature of this business. A really clear idea of the fact that it doesn’t mean anything: it doesn’t matter how good you are, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not good. You are far less important than you think you are. You are just a cog in a collaborative machine that is Hollywood. -Alex


I think he is the prettiest cog there is 🙂



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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #14

Our story continue from here

Steve 39

After all the events in Steve’s life, it seems like he just wants to continue trying to live a normal life and do some ordinary stuff. With Mary gone and Catherine somewhere at sea, fixing his dad´s old car seems to be keeping him busy for now……

When the evidence surrounding the deceased leads them to the hospital, Chin runs into his ex-fiance Dr Malia Weincroft. (Malia – In less than 2 years time she will be killed on order of Frank Delano, a corrupt cop with a vendetta against Five-0) Chin broke off the engagement, when he lost his job on the police force, but it is clear that there are still a lot of feelings between these two.

Chin & Malia

What we can clearly see in this episode, is the kind heart of Steve McGarrett whenever he can see that there is real goodness within people. Those who, even with good honest hard work, still have not achieved their dreams but only hardship……

……… and his utter contempt for those who only think of themselves and their own privileged needs. Those who will step on anybody (even their own family) and commit crimes for their own personal gain without regard for others and for destroying those people’s lives.


– Hawaii Five-0: Episode 114

He Kane Hewaʻole (An Innocent Man)

To be continued here


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