The Steve McGarrett Story – No #10 (Epi 1:10)

We continue the story from here

Mcg 06

Steve is rebuilding the inside of his house after the gun battle between the Five-0 team and Nick’s team.

Steve and Kono goes for a dive in order to find the armoured truck that was stolen.

The case for the day ends up leading Steve and Danny to Rachel’s house, in order for them to spy on the neighbours. This is the first time Steve meets Danny’s “evil” ex-wife.

Steve [about Rachael]: She’s cool man. She’s cool. I don’t know how you got her?

Rachel: So he’s in the house with the killers?

Steve: Yeah, he’s okay though. He’s alone. There’s no one there.

Rachel: [Sigh]

Steve: You know uhm, you don’t have to worry. Danny’s a great cop. He knows what he’s doing.

Rachel: Mmmmm, I know. I used to tell myself that every day he went to work.

Steve: Did it help?

Rachel: Not really.

Steve & Rachael

For me, it is clear that in that moment Steve realises why Rachel divorced Danny. She just could not live a life of convincing herself he will be okay being a cop, anymore. She was just not strong enough to be a cop’s wife. She and her new husband even moved far away, but Danny and his job followed her and Gracie to Hawaii – and to me that is mainly why she was giving Danny such a hard time about everything ……. not because she hated him, but because she loved him ……


This was Steve’s Story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 110

Heihei (Race)

Written by: Sarah Goldfinger

Director: Elodie Keene

(22 November 2010)

To be continued here



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17 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #10 (Epi 1:10)

  1. buttercup4u

    Another great recap, wonderfully done! I love the pics of Steve’s faces with Rachel, she made Steve pull some real nice emotional faces. I love the way they connected (“.. and who’s your friend with the luggage?” gotta love her English English 😉 )
    I absolutely love the glance Steve gives her when he realises she is worried about Danno! You desribed is well.
    I also love the pic where Kono and Steve are ready to dive, his body profile did me in – seriously – I can’t help 😆 ! I really wished, Danno got Rachel back. Maybe he’d be a less grumpy Person 😉


  2. I cant help but giggle watching the scene in the bedroom because all I can think of is the gag reel with Alex’s shirt under his armpits pulling poses for Scott to photograph! lol


  3. I’m rewatching our wonderful 5-0 from the beginning, and I STILL don’t get why the thieves stole the armoured truck. Can anyone explain please?

    Thanks 🙂


  4. Cassiopea 1000

    I understand that what the bad guys were interested in was a code that was in the video in the truck and that was used to give them access to that vault were the diamonds were. They threw the truck into the water just to add to the confusion.

    They might have just taken the video and leave, but then Steve wouldn’t have jumped into the water and we wouldn’t have seen him shirtless.

    Ah, at those early times, the writers still minded the audience…


    • Oh thank you! How did I miss that? So busy staring at Dat Face.
      And obviously my brain was still scrambled by seeing Steve shirtless! Oh yeah, they definitely gave us what we wanted back then 🙂


      • @ Cassiopea and duvetdog: LOL. You girls crack me up. When I read what you wrote, I have the feeling to watch a peepshow and not an action show. I agree, the writing was better in the beginning. But why is everybody so eager to watch Steve shirtless? Alright, it´s nice, but he is a very attractive male character who can look equally “hot” in a smoking or a men´s suit. To be honest, for me that is much more appealing. Why does nobody talk about THAT?


        • Nobody?
          I think you might forget about all the appreciation posts we have done of him in uniform and him in a suit and him in hats and him in his favourite T-shirts etc…… 😉
          And then the many posts and comments about his acting and Alexpressions etc …..
          And all the posts of wonderful comments about what his colleagues, friends and those who meet him has to say about him …
          #Justsaying 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • O.k., o.k. don´t shoot at me. 😉 Maybe not enough of those gorgeous pictures in tuxedo or suit for me. 😛 Just bring them on. 🙂


          • Not one of us ‘oldies’, whose fangirling started years, ago would still be here just because of his body. Or eyes. Or face. Or tattoos. His acting, his Alexpressions and him being a funny, humble, altruistic human being and actor did the trick.
            But sometimes, I confess, I need him to free the gecko. It is just like watching a wonderful painting or Greek statue, I don’t always think about the artist but just admire the beauty. If that makes sense.

            Liked by 1 person

        • You’re totally right! Steve in a suit! OMG hot! Suit, no tie. I faint.

          And does anyone else find it unbearably sexy when he’s in t-shirts and you can only see a bit of his arm tattoos showing? My heart is fluttering just writing this. I find well-shaped men’s arms very sexy, so I guess the little glimpse of the big tattoos are like a visual taunt. “Come see the rest of the sexiness we’re painted on.”

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Cassiopea 1000

    When you have watched an epi 150 times, staring at Dat Face and hearing Dat Voice, you will be able to devote one neuron or two to the understanding of the plot. So don’t worry ! 😂


    • It will absolutely take me 150 times at least to stop being distracted by the total sexy gorgeousness of Dat Man 😂 It’s lucky all the rest have simple plots, so I can just gaze and sigh, all neurons engaged in lust… 🤪

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kathysr

        150 times! Many storylines left me confused and scratching my head–So many holes, contradictions, loss of continuity, forgotten character history and development. I finally gave up and just watched. So much of the rich wonderful early history of the major characters was lost in later years of the show.
        As writers replaced writers (in what appears to have been a toxic, negative and chaotic fashion), each new set of writers never read the bibles created for each character at the beginning of the show. Recurring characters were just left dangling. They disappeared never to be seen or talked about again. That drove me nuts.
        The early years were the best years of the show for me. As originally created, the characters were multi-dimensional, well crafted, mysterious, multi-layered, with intriguing life stories. There was much to discover and each week revealed something new and exciting.
        But the plotlines did often confuse me, too, even from the very beginning of the show.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hello @kathysr. I’m new to 5-0. I only discovered it recently, and binged seasons 1 through 8 in sheer escapism from lockdown life. I’m taking my re-watch slower, so maybe the, “holes, contradictions, loss of continuity, forgotten character history and development,” will jump out at me too 🙄

          My brain has gone to mush. I used to be much more exacting and critical when viewing. Now all I want is distraction. Ugh. Pandemic.


          • Kathysr

            Hi duvetdog. Love your name! I got a gift subscription to Netflix in 2016. I promptly binge watched the first six seasons three times in a row and really fell in love with the show. I missed the first five seasons in prime time because I was watching another show on Mondays at 10 PM. When the show moved to Friday night I discovered it. So I was WAY behind everyone else. Binge watching helped me catch up. The posters on this site are masters at critically evaluating every episode in great detail. We’ve had great discussions over the years on every episode. It’s been fun!


            • Thanks! It’s for my 25 lbs terrier who hogs the duvet as if he were a Great Dane 😂 But he’s an incredible snuggler and bed heater, so he can stay.

              I was aware of 5-0, but wrote it off as, “Ugh, another boring police procedural like those endless SVU: Miami etc depressing shows.” Luckily it came up as a suggestion for me when I Googled for shows similar to Bones when I’d finished binging 12 seasons of that 😂

              I’m SO glad I’ve had it to watch now, just when I really need it, but those real-time discussions look a lot of fun – reminds me of back in the day when we only had a few channels and people would all watch the same shows, so we’d discuss them with friends and colleagues. Olden times!

              I’ll watch an episode, then come here to see what Paula, FOYeur, and you guys thought.

              Not to mention the screen captures… 🥰 Maybe today is better!


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