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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #10 (Epi 1:10)

We continue the story from here

Mcg 06

Steve is rebuilding the inside of his house after the gun battle between the Five-0 team and Nick’s team.

Steve and Kono goes for a dive in order to find the armoured truck that was stolen.

The case for the day ends up leading Steve and Danny to Rachel’s house, in order for them to spy on the neighbours. This is the first time Steve meets Danny’s “evil” ex-wife.

Steve [about Rachael]: She’s cool man. She’s cool. I don’t know how you got her?

Rachel: So he’s in the house with the killers?

Steve: Yeah, he’s okay though. He’s alone. There’s no one there.

Rachel: [Sigh]

Steve: You know uhm, you don’t have to worry. Danny’s a great cop. He knows what he’s doing.

Rachel: Mmmmm, I know. I used to tell myself that every day he went to work.

Steve: Did it help?

Rachel: Not really.

Steve & Rachael

For me, it is clear that in that moment Steve realises why Rachel divorced Danny. She just could not live a life of convincing herself he will be okay being a cop, anymore. She was just not strong enough to be a cop’s wife. She and her new husband even moved far away, but Danny and his job followed her and Gracie to Hawaii – and to me that is mainly why she was giving Danny such a hard time about everything ……. not because she hated him, but because she loved him ……


This was Steve’s Story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 110

Heihei (Race)

Written by: Sarah Goldfinger

Director: Elodie Keene

(22 November 2010)

To be continued here




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Charities and Causes – what motivates us to participate or give?

Over the years,  Alex supported a number of charities, causes,  events and organizations. Many of the times he was supporting friends, or colleagues working with him at the time and the charities that they support. Other times he was doing it on behalf of the show he was involved with at that time.

The best known cause Alex has been involved with,  is Donate Life. He got involved with it  during the time he was working on Three Rivers. Unfortunately the role of Dr Andy lasted for a short while and it robbed him of a chance to do more with them.  Although Alex became an Ambassador for Donate Life, his present roll and living in Hawaii leaves him very far removed from participating with the cause, but it is most probably still close to his heart and will most probably always be.

Alex 2010

Let us look at some of the occasions he participated in:

  • On  2 December 2007, the Pole Position Raceway in Corona California decided, on very short notice, to host a Toys For Tots charity campaign. They invited luminaries such as “Moonlight” star Alex O’Loughlin, “Cold Case” star Kathryn Morris, and “Jericho” star Skeet Ulrich, amongst others, to participate. The members of Moonlightline.com rallied together and donated $1000 worth of toys to be given to needy kids.
  •   On  9 May 2009,  Alex and Jennifer Lopez attended the ‘Noche de Niños Gala’ at the Beverly Hilton, an annual celebration and concert benefiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  •  On  17 May 2009,  Alex joins his old friends (colleagues) from The Shield attending The Bash with them. It is a charity in support of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Play Therapy Fund. The charity event, organized by LA based teens for teens, took place at the legendary Beverly Hills restaurant Crustacean. Among the guests were also Alex’s former colleagues from The Shield: Walton Goggins (pictured with Alex) and Michael Chiklis, who was there to support his daughter Amber, a board member of the charity.
  • On  30 September 2009, Alex attended the Outfest Legacy Awards at the Directors Guild of America to support honouree  Alan Poul, director of The Back-up Plan. The Legacy Awards is an annual benefit for the Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT Film Preservation, collaboration between Outfest and the UCLA Film & Television Archive. It is a unique program dedicated to saving and preserving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender moving images.
  • On  11 November 2009, Alex attended the event ‘IWC Schaffhausen Celebrates the work of Michael Muller and a shared collaboration with the Charles Darwin Foundation‘ at Milk Studios in LA. Swiss watchmaker, IWC Schaffhausen celebrated their partnership and commitment to the Charles Darwin Foundation through an exclusive exhibition of renowned photographer, Michael Muller’s pictures from his Galapagos project. The Charles Darwin Foundation was founded in 1959, under the auspices of UNESCO and the World Conservation Union. The Charles Darwin Research Station serves as headquarters for The Foundation, and is used to conduct scientific research and promote environmental education. The Station has a team of over one hundred scientists, educators, volunteers, research students, and support staff.
  • On  3 December 2009, Alex  attended an evening described as  ‘Alex Band’s Donate Life Rocks Presents an Intimate Evening with Alex Band at Cafe Was on N. Vine Street in Hollywood’. The event marked the release of singer/songwriter, Alex Band’s Live in Brazil DVD and the launch of his bracelet/music line Black Star Bracelets. All proceeds from the event where to benefit Donate Life.
  •  On  5 May 2012 – Alex and Malia attended a fundraiser for the Hoaloha Kai Montessori School at The Kahala Hotel & Resort. The sold-out event was the school’s first annual dinner auction and items available for bidding included a script of the Hawaii Five-0 pilot signed by the cast and a signed photo of Scott Caan.”

Alex & Malia at fundraiser

  •  On  4 August 2012,  Alex and Scott Caan dropped by to show love and support at Kuhio Beach at the 9th Annual Surf4Hugs, taking lots of pictures with fans. This is an annual event that was put together by Tory and Leila Thomas to bring happiness to kids with medical challenges, by teaching them to surf and enjoying a full day of hugs with their families.
  • On  8 September 2012, The Navy SEAL Foundation of Hawaii annual fundraising dinner was held aboard the USS Missouri. The foundation provides money, support, scholarships and computers for the wives and children of SEALs killed in action. Alex was the guest of honour!
  • On  9 February 2013,  Alex hosted the Annual Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii ‘ Love your Ocean’ Fundraiser in Hawaii. He attended the event with his partner Malia and their collective family.
  • On  13 April 2013, Alex and partner Malia attended the ‘Relay for Life‘ of University of Hawaii, Manoa. He participated as guest speaker and took photographs with fans. The American Cancer Society ‘Relay For Life’ is a life changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to Celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, Remember loved ones lost, and Fight Back against the disease.
  • During hiatus (June/July) 2013,  Alex, together with his oldest son Saxon, visited the Bora Bora Turtle Centre on the French Polynesian Islands. He ‘adopted’ a turtle and became the ‘Godfather of Mathilda’, the turtle.
Alex, Saxon and a friend with their Godparent Certificates

Alex, Saxon and a friend with their godparent’ certificates

  • On  17 November 2014, Alex supported his trainer and friend Egan by hosting a Self Defence Seminar, to raise money for the Kapi’olani Health Centre for women and children.
  • On  15 December 2013,  Alex and other celebrities in Hawaii, took part in the Kokua for the Philippines Telethon, a fundraiser to benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, at Hilton Hawaiian Village.
  • On  20 December 2013, Alex and some other members from CBS handed out gifts to the kids of Hawaii at Ka’iulani Elementary School, at what was called the 3rd Annual Toy Drive. They donated school supplies, school play equipment and distributed Christmas gifts to each student. We have not seen any picture of previous occasion and are not sure if Alex maybe took part in the previous years as well.
  • During April 2014, Alex once again attended the Relay for life at University of Manoa, speaking at the opening ceremony. I’m deeply grateful for everybody who’s come here tonight because each and every one of you is now part of the fight. You know this is a really serious and really difficult disease, and the fight against this disease is a really great fight. And just by being here tonight, you’re in the ring.”
  • Since 2010 Alex has been supporting Taylor’s Gift foundation with posts on his FB page and short videos to promote registration for Organ Donation. In April 2014, Alex signed nail polish bottles for the Taylor’s Blue ‘Paint if Forward’ campaign. Needless to say these bottles sold out in a few minutes.
  • In July 2014, ALS Association Golden West Chapter posted an announcement that Alex will support their cause and the Walk to defeat ALS on 6 September 2014. What and how exactly his involvement will be, we don’t know yet.

From this it is clear that Alex showed his support to lots of different causes over the years. There are most probably quite a few causes that he participated in, that we know nothing about.

Over the years the Alex-fangirls have shown, on a number of occasions how much they adore and respect him, by participating and donating towards the causes he endorse.

What inspires people in general to give?

With millions of charities, causes, organizations and events worldwide, anybody that wants to raise funds for charity, is actually kind of in the sales business. People want to give to charity, but how do they choose who to give for, when there are so many? And how do these organisations “sell” their cause?

Some of them get celebrities to endorse it. This of course normally work both ways – the charity is more visible, but then again the celebrity also gets the exposure. We might argue that some do it for the acknowledgement, but I think for the most part they do it because they care.

Teilor, DDK & Alex

People and also celebrities will choose the charity that means something to them. Either a family member or friend, suffering or dying from something. Or for a cause that they feel are worthy and are something to make the world a better place in general. Or they will support a celebrity that they “follow”, like or respect.
For me causes that cover basic needs like food, clothes, shelter, education and basic medical care are higher priority, than the ‘high-end’ ones, dealing with things like exotic illnesses or entertainment. Therefore most of the causes mentioned above, will be last on my list to participate with – unless I want to support Alex.

Funny Alex at the Telethon

Should anybody expect a  reward for giving and what would be a reward? In my eyes the only real reward will be for that person on ground level, who actually sees the benefit of that donation. Seeing a hungry person enjoying a meal, or seeing a child smile after some basic medicine made his boo-boo better. 🙂

But then without reward, what will motivate people to give or participate in a specific cause, without any benefit for them? To inspire people to choose to participate with their specific cause or charity, organizations normally organise fun events,  auctions or glamorous galas for participants to enjoy. Most organizations try to make the support towards the charity fun and unique. People who physically participate in a fun run or fancy dinner will receive the joy of being there for the fun and maybe even rub shoulders with a celebrity. As an example, people who attended the Ocean’s Fundraiser, could meet Alex and even take pictures with him. They also got an extra and unique bonus of seeing Alex with his family and specifically 3 month old Lion at the time.

Alex at the telethon Dec 2013

But what will motivate people far away from the fun, living on the other side of the world, to part with their money and make a donation towards a cause?

What will inspire you to give towards a charity event?

What motivates you to make a donation?


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