The Steve McGarrett Story – No #9 (Epi 1:09)

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Mcg 02

This time around, it is very much about duty versus conscience. Should a cop or a soldier do their duty, or do what they think is morally correct, maybe without knowing all the facts?

After one of the diplomatic service agents were found dead, Steve and the team are brought in to help protect a dictator, General Pak, visiting the state. The service agent phoned his boss to inform him about an assassination plot against the General, but he was killed before he could report the detail.

General Pak committed crimes against his own people and he is hated all around. With their briefing about the task, Steve and Danny run into one of Steve’s old Navy SEAL buddies Nick (Bullfrog), who’s security company was also contracted to guard the dictator. Steve and Danny did not like the fact that they needed to do their duty and protect this obvious bad  guy, but Danny also could not understand why someone like Steve’s buddy would willingly do it?

Interesting story, following the previous one. Last time Steve doubted Danny’s faith in his old partner, but here we have and old fellow soldier of Steve’s working with them, with Danny immediately not liking the guy. Steve jokes that it is jealousy.

This episode gives me the opportunity to clear up something that seems to be misunderstood by a few people. The cars that the team drive are cars given to them by the state as part of their job. It is not their own personal property. So the Camaro is Danny’s car, but belongs to the team, Steve’s truck the same and also Kono’s red car and Chin’s black SUV. The state can hardly expect them to put their own personal cars at risk, for car chases and gun fights etc.

Mcg 29

Steve: All I’m saying is it’s cool with me if you want to have a picture of Grace, okay. But any other additions and decorations to the interior of this vehicle should be treated like a wire-tap request where you need my authorization.

 Steve Sunglasses(One of the rare occasions where we see Steve wearing sunglasses. Can any of you remember if there are any other occasions, apart form the Pilot episode and meeting Mary in the cemetery (in 104), where he wears one?)

In order to know who they need to protect the leader from, they also need to solve the case of who murdered the security person. With all the evidence and some security cameras around the hotel, the suspect is an unidentified woman. Following the trail of the suspect they find the house where she killed the owner as well and also a whole arsenal of guns.

While following leads of possible accomplices of the assassin, Steve and Kono find a man and his family who had to flee their country when General Pak persecuted them. They explain what happened to them, but say that they don’t want to kill the General, but want him to stand trial and be held accountable for his crimes.

Nae Shan – victim of General Pak: She wants to know why the police are protecting a monster like General Pak? She asked how can a man do that and still call himself a man?

Danny: Who is that guy [Nick] ?

Steve: Before he worked private security, Nick was Special Activities Division.

Danny: Special activities? What kind of special activities?

Steve: S.A.D is the military arm of the CIA.

Danny: Oh really? I thought you guys were Navy SEALs?

Steve: When you have certain specialities, you can be recruited into different units as needed.

Danny: Are you going to answer any of my questions?

Steve: What do you wanna know?

Danny: What was you speciality?

Steve: I can’t tell you that either.

Danny: Okay, you have done this before. Where was that? When exactly was that?

Steve: I worked the other side.

Danny: The other side? The sniper rifle, is that your speciality?

Steve: [Grin]

(We never really get an answer about Steve’s skills. Danny guessed that it is a sniper, but up untill now, we have never seen Steve using any sniper skills specifically)

Tracing the assassins phone calls they realise that Nick’s team was actually contracted to kill the General and Five-0 then have to protect him against part of what they thought were their support on protecting him.

In the end it turns out that by doing their job and risking their lives, the team did the right thing morally as well. The General and his family actually came to the USA, to get asylum and to testify about  the atrocities in their country and even be punished for his own crimes. With this he wants to end the war in his country and end the suffering.

The team manages to protect the General and his family. During a hand-to-hand fight, Steve kills his former friend and colleague, Nick. 😦

Danny: You have got to start doing a better job of picking your friends.

Steve: Tell me about it. I picked you, didn’t I?

Danny: Yeah.


And that was Steve’s story for: 

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 109

Poʻipu (The Siege)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Shane Salerno

Director: Brad Turner

(15 November 2010)

To be continued here


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20 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #9 (Epi 1:09)

  1. buttercup4u

    I love this ep!
    I loved that Danny didn’t like his buddy friend 😉 !
    I loved Steve entering the shop with his gun, and frkn hot behind, hushing the clerk!
    I loved Steve and Kono, the emotion in Steve’s eyes are unbearable (s1 kevlar. Sniff)!
    And last but not least, Steve and the knife beats it all, i won’t tell you how many times, i’ve watched him grabbing that knife, saving Kono, all with no noise! SO. hOT!!! I’ll give the “knife-in-kevlar” 10 out of ten! It will always have a special place in my fangirlies heart 😆 !!
    Great recap, great pics!


  2. Thanks Buttercap.
    The kind of ‘fearful’ admiration Kono show after Steve took the guy out with the knife, says plenty for me.
    I did try to capture some of those faces and the emotions.


  3. gracenotpark

    OMG I had forgotten Show has never confirmed his special skill…and he always let’s Kono take the sniper shots! I think Lenkov owes us some intel, among the other 99 balls he’s dropped. Hee!


  4. karen1228

    A fav epi of mine. I thought Chin was adorable calming the boy by telling him he was afraid too. Sweet! Hearing Steve’s supposed friend tell him I know every move you make I know how you think was scary. But good always prevails!!
    There’s another shot of Steve in sunglasses – don’t remember which epi – I’m positive its s1- but he goes to a bus depot w/a key and opens a locker door and the shot is of him in sunglasses and a baseball cap. Hope that helps.


    • Yes, you have the details correct, but not S1. Was just trying to see if others know. 😀
      I do not think apart from that one, that there are anymore…. will have to see as I study them all.


      • karen1228

        Let me know too please! I even think I have that picture! Was it s2??


        • It as in 201, when they flew to the other Island to get the recording of the “Shelburne” conversation. With that they realised that there might be a recording device in the Governor’s study.


          • karen1228

            Thanks sweetie! I just read your comment about your command of the English language. Kudos to you my friend! Your use of a very difficult language (where else but America do they drive on a parkway and park on a driveway!) is fantastic! As a child of immigrants (Italy) we were never taught Itailian, we were in America and spoke only English. I think it is marvelous that you and your family speak more than one language!!


  5. lindae5o

    The knife in the utility belt/waistband shot gets me every time. So hot !!! Done with such practiced skill. Alex made Steve look good !!!


  6. Colleen

    Great recap! I liked this episode. The first time i saw this one when steve pulled out that knife I remember thinking holy crape he can do every thing. Buttercup4u is right him hushing the store clerk was very hot. Thank you foyeur.


  7. Colleen

    Oh dear I meant crap not crape. Lol


  8. buttercup4u

    OMG, I rewatched and he is wearing the green cargos and a black shirt, what a combo, oh how much do I miss these green cargos!
    The ep was action packed, and Steve was caring his breast gun handle all the time – and yes, lindae50, Alex made Steve look very good, very under-control for every situation!
    These green cargos made his butt look miraculous 😆 in all those action scenes!


  9. FarkSpark a bit exciting we can now all
    Play Scrabble and officially use the word bromance lol!


    • Good: BROMANCE – a close nonsexual relationship between men
      I wonder if other languages will develope a word for it as well? 😀
      Or maybe they already have such a word – strong brother like friendships between men, have always been around since the beginning of time..


      • Yes, it is just fun that the bromance word is used a lot in relation to Steve and Danno, and now we Scrabble players can legitimately use it lol


        • I just don’t like playing Scrabble in English, because the children always beat me with it, because their English is better than mine. 😀 That was why I was thinking of other languages as well – always nice to have a new word to play with. 🙂


  10. veniascott

    I really have been enjoying this , it’s fun to look back. The bromance between danny and steve has been to me the heart of the show, which is why season one is still my favoriet season. I love never get tired of their bannter and how it show off the great chemistry alex and scott have. I hope for season 5 we get a little of that magic back becasue in the end they are each other best friends and I enjoy that.


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