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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #8

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Amy, the widow of Meka who was Danny’s old partner at HPD, contacts him because there seems to be problems with the investigation into her husband’s brutal murder. She is also getting the run around from HPD about funeral arrangements for him. As it turns out he was under investigation from IA (Internal Affairs), because of irregularities with some of his cases. Kind of interesting to me that he was working alone. I do not know police policy, but I would have thought that most detectives work with partners……

While Steve and Danny are trying to get more information about Meka’s latest cases, Kaleo, one of the detectives at HPD offers them some help. (KaleoChin kills him during a riot in prison in about two years time) He informs them that the Ochoa drug cartel is moving into the area and that maybe they were involved with the gruesome murder. They like to send gruesome messages, very similar to Meka’s murder. But why would they kill Meka in that way – was he an informant who they no longer trusted or was he getting close to exposing them?

Steve reminds Danny that Sang Min used a source in the HPD to identify Kono and he was wondering if it could have been Meka. Steve suggests that they should try and get information from Sang Min about that informant. Danny believes it is a dead-end and that Sang Min would not cooperate.

Steve does not share Danny’s faith in Meka’s innocence. He did not know Meka and therefore he can only go on the evidence they have. And from what they have, everything seems to indicate Meka being guilty.

Steve: Look man, I know you’re pissed. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s because they told you Meka was dirty, or because you found out he actually was dirty and you didn’t know about it.

Danny: Okay, listen to me,. This is not an ego thing. Okay. This is about Meka. He would not move off to Singapore and leave his wife and kid, you understand? I know that because he was my friend. He was my partner.

Steve: Right, but what is it you cops always say? “Don’t ignore the evidence”

Danny: Okay. All right then let me ask you a question. Let’s say IA accused me of skimming of a dug book. And they showed you a stack of evidence that suggests that I did it. Would you believe it?

Steve: No I wouldn’t

Danny: Why not?

Danny: Exactly.

Steve: Okay.

Kamekona leads them to art dealer Bastille who is the local distributor for the Ochoa Cartel.  With a  “persuasion” trip on the hood of the Camaro, Bastille tells them that there is an informant in HPD, but he is unable to identify the person.  He also tells them when and where the next drug deal will go down.

While having a shootout with the drug dealers, Kaleo shoots Emilio, the head of the operation. They find Meka’s murder weapon on Emilio. Unfortunately his death and the fact that he is now thought to have killed Meka, still makes Meka look guilty. With Sang Min’s help and the evidence against him, Kaleo is exposed as the real informant, Meka’s killer and of planting the murder weapon on Emilio after he also killed him at close range.

(My one concern here was that they exposed Sang Min as an informant when he identified Kaleo as the mole in front of everybody. With that, I would say that they caused danger for him while being a prisoner)


That was Steve’s Story for:

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 108

Manaʻo (Belief)

Written by: Paul Zbyszewski & Jim Galasso

Director: Matt Earl Beesley

(8 November 2010)

To be continued here



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