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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #7 (Epi 1:07)

We continue our story from here

For the first time we see Steve the navy SEAL in action. Graham, a heavily decorated navy SEAL from SEAL  Team 5, suffering from PTSD, takes hostages on the museum battleship the USS Missouri, in Pearl Harbor. He was chased there by the police after they discovered him, knife in hand over the dead body of his wife. He claims that he did not kill his wife and demands that his wife’s real murderer be found before he releases the hostages.

Steve and Danny meet Laura Hills. the Governor’s new public safety liaison.  (Laura Hills – in a few months time Laura will be killed with a car bomb planted by WoFat, who is working with the GovernorShe briefs them on the situation and indicates that the Governor would like Steve to take charge of the case.

Steve: Graham is a SEAL. He’s been trained in close-quarter combat. Which means right know he has the high ground. You send SWAT in blind, they’re gonna take heavy losses and more than likely get multiple hostages killed. If this guy didn’t kill his wife, he deserves at least a conversation before we go in guns blazing. If he did, and he’s gonna kill again, then I take him out myself. But if you want my help today, you get it my way. I’m going alone.

For me Steve showed his leadership skills wonderfully in this situation. He assessed the situation and quickly decided what to do and who should do it. He has the skills to make contact with the suspect. Danno and Chin are the skilled detectives who can possibly solve the case and Kono has proved herself to be someone who can get witnesses to talk.

Steve boards the ship by swimming there and climbing onto it from the water. While searching for Graham and the hostages he runs into Ed, the tour guide of the ship. He served in the Navy since his youth and experienced the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 first hand. Ed causes a noise and it forces Steve to join Graham with the hostages, while he hides again.

Graham: Who are you? You’re not a tourist. I said, who are you?

Steve: My name is Steve McGarrett. I’m Five-0. But before that I was a SEAL, just like you. BUD/S class 2003

Graham: They send you in here to get me?

Steve: No, I came in by myself. I don’t want anyone else involved until we get a chance to talk straight. Okay? You can tell me what really happened. For your service, I thought  you deserved at least that much.

Here I have to ask the question: Why did Steve lie to Graham about what year he was in BUD’s? As far as I know someone does not stay in BUD’s for 3 years. We know he was there at the end of 2000 with Freddie under training of Joe White.

Steve and Freddie

Steve and Freddie

To me it could have turn out bad for Steve, if Graham caught him in a lie.

Steve: So this one night at BUD’s, me and a couple of the guys were sneaking back onto the base, right and we hear this real mean crusty: “Hey, you ladies ready to get wet and sandy?”

Graham: Master Chief White?

Steve: Yes, sir.

Graham: Bet he wasn’t too happy, huh?

Steve: You kidding me? He was thrilled to catch us. Gave us five extra hours of cold-water conditioning. We didn’t get out the water till dawn. Now that’s tough love for you.

Ed: Took me a while, but I swore I know the name Steve McGarrett. Your grandfather was in the Navy, wasn’t he?

Steve: Yes, sir. Stationed here at Pearl.

Ed: Yeah, I remember him. Heh

Steve: Wait a minute.

Ed: Tough son of a gun.

Steve: You served with my grandfather?

Ed: On the Arizona.

Steve: Were you one of the lucky ones?

Ed: It wasn’t luck. I wasn’t on board that day. I lied about my age to enlist. I was 16 at the time. They found out, but the officers liked me and the kept me around as a runner. So that’s what I was doing December 7th 1941. Running messages to the Army at Ford Shafter across the harbour. I could see those explosions, those men I admired so greatly. They gave their lives for all of us. And I couldn’t do a damn thing for them. I walk past that Arizona Memorial every day and I am reminded of their sacrifice. The man you are named after was a real hero. You should be very proud.

Steve: I am proud.

In the end Ed put himself in harm’s way to help Steve. And Steve again put himself in harm’s way to save Graham. He literally threw himself at Graham to get him away from the gunfire of SWAT. For both the Navy men, the saying “Leave no man behind”, is very real and they proved it.

McG 22

And that was Steve’s story for

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 1:07

Hoʻapono (Accept)

Written by: Peter M. Lenkov & Jim Galasso

Director: James Whitmore, Jr.

(1 November 2010)

To be continued here


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