The Steve McGarrett Story – No #6

We continue our story from here

 With this story around the murder of Kono’s surfer sponsor and mentor, we do not get any real new insight into the personal life of Steve McGarrett. 😦


 We will therefore treat you with a few of Steve’s faces…….

……….. and a recap of his wardrobe so far……..

Tan cargos: Episodes 102, 104 and 106

Grey cargos: Episode 101

Green cargos: Episodes 101 and 104

Black cargos: Episodes 103, 105 and 106

Service Dress Blues: Episodes 101 and 102

Camo uniform: Episode 101

Suit and Tie: Episode 103

Blue swim trunks: Episode 102

Jeans: Episode 105


We hope you enjoyed this special edition of Steve’s story – celebrating his beauty 🙂

And that was Steve’s wardrobe story for

Hawaii Five-0: Episode 1:06 –

Koʻolauloa (North Shore of Oʻahu)

Written by: Carol Barbee & Kyle Harimoto

Director: Matt Earl Beesley

(25 October 2010)

To be continued here



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12 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #6

  1. Lisa

    Sooooo hard to choose which one….what the heck I will take them all:)


  2. Oh I think we learned something more about Steve in this epi. Not about his life but his respect towards the hawaiian culture, the native hawaiians and their ways to handle special things. It was the first time we heard from Steve about the Kapu (?), Kawika and his guys or am I wrong?
    But nothing’s wrong with celebrating his beauty! Absolutely nothing. 🙂


    • No, you are 100% correct.
      Although he was not really part of the culture for 18 years, while in the military, he seems to have remembered how the Island and its people operate. And he is showing respect for it as well.


  3. buttercup4u

    My fav part in this ep is when they catch the “dirty” lawyer in the end! Steve, white shirt, kevlar and putting the gun to the kelvar handle, and watching kono’s reaction, he has faith in here, let’s her see the killer in the eyes, who killed her mentor, knowing she had herself under control!!! It shows what kind of man mcg was trained, he has to be sure of his people, trust them- i love that in steve!


  4. buttercup4u

    Oh, i also wanted to mention danny, being “dannoish” for the first time because steve let’s kono bookem 😉 he sounded grumpy, but we got a gorgeous steve smile! Thanks for the pics, and yes leica steve’s beauty is always a reason to celebrate!!!


  5. karen1228

    S1 was my favorite – the ohana was off the charts as we were treated to learning more about the group as a whole. Great recap and even better pics! This man’s beauty is jaw-dropping!


  6. I am digging the last blue trunks pic wow!


  7. gracenotpark

    Awesome post! I love the wardrobe wrap up! How would we not love that? 🙂


  8. your pics show all the reason why I love this episode, thank you so very much


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