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The Steve McGarrett Story – No #6

We continue our story from here

 With this story around the murder of Kono’s surfer sponsor and mentor, we do not get any real new insight into the personal life of Steve McGarrett. 😦


 We will therefore treat you with a few of Steve’s faces…….

……….. and a recap of his wardrobe so far……..

Tan cargos: Episodes 102, 104 and 106

Grey cargos: Episode 101

Green cargos: Episodes 101 and 104

Black cargos: Episodes 103, 105 and 106

Service Dress Blues: Episodes 101 and 102

Camo uniform: Episode 101

Suit and Tie: Episode 103

Blue swim trunks: Episode 102

Jeans: Episode 105


We hope you enjoyed this special edition of Steve’s story – celebrating his beauty 🙂

And that was Steve’s wardrobe story for

Hawaii Five-0: Episode 1:06 –

Koʻolauloa (North Shore of Oʻahu)

Written by: Carol Barbee & Kyle Harimoto

Director: Matt Earl Beesley

(25 October 2010)

To be continued here



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S4 – Mixed treats by Steve

Must be a ton of stuff I haven´t yet reposted. Took a look back and feel these need a 2nd viewing. just the first half of S4 in this post. I do apologize if I have reposted some gifs already.



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