The Steve McGarrett Story – No #5 (Epi 1:05)

We continue our story from here

How rude to be interrupted by your employer, when you try to get it on for some morning fun, after a night of passion. Steve and Cath share some intimate moments, when he receives a call from the Governor to meet her at the morgue. Although interrupted, it is quite visible for the rest of the day that Cath releases a special kind of energy in our hero…….. 😛

Steve and Cath

Visiting the morgue with the Governor, Steve and Danny meet Max, the medical examiner. A rather interesting and excentric character. He even looks a bit rude. Though, with time, Max becomes a dear friend and part of their Ohana.

Meeting Max

That night, while Steve and the team go on a raid, Mary is alone at home. Searching for some batteries, she discovers the Champ box. Freaking out over the content she discovers in it, she phones Steve. He tells her to leave it alone……..

Mary & the Box

Once again Steve and the team solve the case and save the life of the daughter of personal friends´ of the Governor.

Gov Jameson: You saved a girl’s life today.

Steve: Just doing the job you hired me for.

Gov. Jameson: Maybe so, but I made a promise to a friend and….. you let me keep it. Thank you.

Steve: You okay?

Gov. Jameson: Yeh


For a moment there, it seems that the Governor shows some sort of remorse towards Steve,  maybe even a conscience …… he of course at this time, oblivious of the facts that she appointed him under false pretenses and was instrumental in his dad´s assassination. She played a big part in his loss, but he now he did her a personal favour.

Steve & Cath 1

From the looks of it Steve and Cath, definitely enjoy each others’ company 😛 .

And that was Steve’s story for

Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 1:05

Nalowale (Forgotten/Missing)

Written by: J. R. Orci & David Wolkove

Director: Brad Turner

(18 October 2010)

To be continued here


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3 responses to “The Steve McGarrett Story – No #5 (Epi 1:05)

  1. Poor Steve, the Governor’s just another woman who’s going to let him down 😦


  2. gracenotpark

    So lovely to see early Cath…and the sexiest scenes ever in the show. Too bad THAT was never repeated! He was so adorable this ep tho, so happy and…satisfied. :mrgreen:

    And OMG yes! At the time, we had no idea why GovCharlene was so choked up there at his care and concern and loyalty. That little exchange speaks volumes now, but I remember at the time wondering why she was so moved.

    Again, the revisit is most interesting! Thank you.


  3. Fantastic Episode !!!!!


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